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5 Recent Songs from Small Artists New to the Music Scene:

Manella's album cover: Songs My Mother Never Taught Me

Apologies - Shifting Sands

Shifting Sands are a newly formed duo of brothers, Gavin and Dylan Sands. The first ever published song, “Apologies,” runs through a narrative about apologies in the aftermath of a breakup. This quick-paced song hides sorrow-filled lyrics within piano and upbeat tones.

Shifting Sands released “Apologies” as their first ever single and first ever song. Originally formed about a year prior, the duo began teasing snippets from their anticipated works in progress this February. One anticipated song, “Dancing Forever,” was teased in late January.

Shifting Sands averages one monthly listener on Spotify.

Genre: Pop

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Wishing Stone - Vexul

“Wishing Stone” is a song without lyrics. Featuring Nate Miller, this is the only song off of Ature to utilize an erhu, a Chinese stringed instrument. Additionally, the featured artist uses a singing saw. Progressive metal, paired with the saw and erhu make this song stand out from the entire album in its ability to create a haunting melody.

Vexul began publishing music three years ago, with their first single, “Emerald Dream.” After Vexul released albums Nova Prism in 2021 and EP Ature in 2023. In between, the band released and withdrew an album titled Ruby Pillars.

Vexul averages seven monthly listeners on Spotify.

Genre: Rock and Metal

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Warmth - Manella

“Warmth” is Manella’s sweetest piano melody within her first album, Songs My Mother Never Taught Me.

Songs My Mother Never Taught Me unpacks the devastation the lead singer, Maria Jimenez, felt in the wake of a breakup, according to the artist. “It’s about the lessons of life that a parent couldn’t prepare you for, but rather you have to live through,” according to Manella, in an about statement.

Manella is a singer-songwriter from Vancouver based in Montréal with Venezuelan and Colombian roots.

Manella averages 465 listeners on Spotify.

Genre: Punk

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Honey I’m Afraid - Bluhm

“Honey I’m Afraid” is the duo’s latest single. This is the brightest-sounding song among all of Bluhm’s released singles. The vocals are distorted within the synth-pop background. The band describes themselves as “music for lovers and leavers,” according to their about bio.

Bluhm is a duo band with members Claire Bluhm, who performs all of the band’s vocals, and Cameron John Marion, who plays all of the instruments within the band. The duo co-create the lyrics and songs within their home studio in the suburbs of Detroit. Their latest anticipated single, “Slackers,” is planned for release early this March.

Bluhm averages 1,748 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Genre: New-Wave and Synth-Pop

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Aurelia de la Costa began releasing music four years ago. This artist sticks to releasing singles. “Dreams” pivots from their overarching EDM sound and opts to explore slowed, distorted lyrics regarding the uncertainties of love.

Aurelia de la Costa averages 219 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Genre: EDM

To keep up with Bluhm follow: @aurelia on Instagram!


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