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Five Songs from Small Artists You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of:

Photo from: Dry Seasons, “Confetti Complex” 2023.

Stick to Your Guns - Wondjina

“Stick to your Guns” is a high-energy rock and roll song. The lyrics and music video contextualize their commentary regarding normalizing gun-use:

You live for danger then destroy it when alone/ Grab a gun, stare down at your enemy/ Out at night you're a punisher during the day/ You ain’t the law, even in your dream.

Wondjina released one album, Jim. E Story, and three EPs, Stick to your Guns, Imachination, and Fire as Face. Averaging eight monthly listeners on Spotify, this is Wondjina’s latest album since 2015.

Originally formed in 2000, the band solidified its members in 2019. Hailing from Belgium, Wondjina produces their music through André Six, an independent music producer.

Genre: Hard Rock

To keep up with Wondjina follow their Facebook page: @Wondjina

Angelina Zaphyria is an indie artist. In one of her latest songs, “Swingset,” she sings about heartbreak, creativity, and longing. She sings with long, drawn out vocals paired with an electric guitar.

Angelina Zaphyria is a musician and writer based in New York City. Jack of all trades Zaphyria sings, writes, and creates content for Youtube. She averages almost 200 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Genre: Indie

To keep up with Angelina Zaphyria, follow: @angzel on Instagram.

Milo George creates music with stripped down vocals and acoustic guitar. Milo George sings about trauma, adolescence and moving on. In their song “Glass Heart,” the artist explores themes of trauma with their heart on their sleeve.

Milo George has published their music and poetry. Milo George averages about 24 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Genre: Alternative-Pop

To keep up with Milo George follow: @milo_george_artist on Instagram.

Interstate Skeletons - Beat Awfuls

“Interstate Skeletons” is the first song off of their latest album, PAWS. The song hides themes of trust and dissociation within their whimsical sound.

“I never knew what it costed/ I only knew what it cost us.”

“I remember pain made a point/ An impressive exclamation/ It marched around so proud/ Love rotted in the ground like skeletons.”

“Does anyone come around/ Or did they finally figure it out/ How all of your shade/ Some brittle black gray of the/ Skeletons/ Skeletons/ Skeletons.”

Genre: Indie-Pop

To keep up with Beat Awfuls follow their Spotify: @Beat Awfuls

Confetti Complex - Dry Seasons

Diego Mata, also known as the artist Dry Seasons, attributes their latest song, “Confetti Complex” to someone who escapes their emotions by being the life of the party, according to their Instagram post:

To sum up the song’s meaning, you can add sparkle to your life with metaphorical confetti (whatever you use for methods of escapism), but it won’t make reality and your problems go away.”

Dry Seasons have released three singles, “Blind to Calamity,” “Deficit,” and “Confetti Complex.” Averaging 51 monthly listeners on Spotify, this is Dry Seasons’ third consecutive year publishing their music.

Genre: Pop

To keep up with Dry Seasons follow their insta: @_diegomata_

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