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Zara Larsson "Poster Girl"

Album: Poster Girl

Artist: Zara Larsson

Genre: #Pop

Sub-Genres: #DancePop

Label: Epic Records and TEN Music Group

Non-Airable Tracks: Ruin My Life

Description: Since gaining traction in 2015 with summer hits like "Never Forget You" and "Lush Life", Zara Larsson has proved herself as not only a pop vocal artist to be reckoned with, but also a master at creating feel-good anthems through her artistry. This is why it came to no surprise to her listeners when Larsson released her newest album Poster Girl and

were met with a collection of 12 exciting tunes, each with their own unique infectious dance beats and captivating melodies. Additionally, as some of the songs have been released as singles over the last few years, the oldest track being "Ruin My Life" released 3 years old, the hype for the final product definitely kept listeners on their toes. The album flows effortlessly, starting off strong with the harsh and compelling strings that lead the first track "Love Me Land" all the way through the entire body of work. with each track Larsson experiments with different sounds throughout the album, like the retro, 80's-esque synth featured in "Look What You've Done" or the soft keys and beats of the "Need Someone" intro, that reminded me vaguely of a ramped up rendition of "Good Days" by SZA. Overall, the album hits the spot for anyone who has been yearning for a true pop album, as Zara has perfected the method for creating hits that make you want to dance and sing for hours on end.

Sounds Like:

  1. Jess Glynne

  2. Kim Petras

  3. Ellie Goulding

Recommended Tracks:

  1. ​Love Me Land

  2. FFF

  3. Look What You've Done

Reviewer’s Name: Leah Britton

Date of Review: 3/30/2021

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