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What Screams Spring Like Depressing Slowcore

Guess who has two thumbs and is back to review another weltraumrauschen album, this guy!

Album: depressive experimente

Artist: weltraumrauschen

Release Date: April 5, 2024


depressive experimente is weltraumrauschen’s fourth album, though originally it was supposed to be the follow up to “Nothing to Hope for'', which is their first album, released in 2020. During this gap of time where weltraumrauschen was not releasing new music, they were still writing and recording music in their one bedroom apartment in Hamburg, Germany. Since my last review on one of weltraumrauschen’s works, it seems that their Rate Your Music page still claims that they died in 2021, so someone still needs to fix that. 

depressive experimente was written and recorded between February and March 2022. Although depressive experimente was released from weltraumrauschen under their side project Tereo in January 2023, under the same album name, but with a different sound and only a few of the same songs. Tereo’s version of the album has a separate collection of songs, with the exception of “beschissenheit der dinge”, “alles ist beschissen”, “depressive experimente” and “leben”, which share the same titles, though mainly “beschissenheit der dinge'' and “alles ist beschissen” are very noticeable in the stark sound difference between the two versions. Tereo’s depressive experimente is like the refined version with a more quiet and acoustic sound profile, in contrast to the scratchy loud slowcore of weltraumrauschen’s version. The influences for this album are clear, as weltraumrauschen takes influence from slowcore and indie rock artists like Jason Albertini and Clay Parton, from bands like Duster and Helvetia.

Now to actually dive into this album, the first song “nicht mehr und immer noch” has this beautiful intro that reminds me of “Junk Shop” by Helvetia. If you listen to them side by side, you can hear just how similar they sound to one another. Once you get past the intro, is where the song branches out into its own sound. The second song is “beschissenheit der dinge”, which sounds worlds better in its rougher state on weltraumrauschen’s version than Tereo’s. To me, German tends to either sound really serious or just outright funny. You know that little German boy, “Meine Mama hat einfach erlaubt, dass ich Cola trinken darf! Wie cool ist dass bitte? Ich zocke Fortnite und trinke Cola!” Well on the complete opposite side of things,  weltraumrauschen’s vocals and more serious tone mesh better with the slowcore sound. Especially with the lyrics and topics that are covered in this album. 

Not to anyone’s surprise, but my favorite song of this album is “nie wirklich einfach”. weltraumrauschen is really living up to their name of space noise, as this song has those goofy UFO sounds that I seem to love. Maybe whatever chip is in the vaccines is trying to contact me and tell me to return to the mothership or something. 

Well that concludes my review, and I hope you enjoyed reading the mess that is this review. I still am not certain what is being said in this album. Still I recommend that you give this album a listen. I am pretty sure the entire album is in German, so you’re free from the bounds of the FCC and can play anything off this album on your radio show. 


  1. Duster

  2. Helvetia

  3. Valium Aggelein

  4. Sprain

Recommended Tracks

  1. nie wirklich einfach

  2. depressive experimente

  3. nicht mehr und immer noch

  4. mir gehts gut

Reviewer’s Name: K Galich

Date of Review: April 19, 2024

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