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Yot Club's New Single "Nostalgia": Last Month's Gem


Album: Nostalgia - Single

Artist: Yot Club

Sub-Genres: #bedroompop

Label: Amuseio AB

Non-Airable Tracks: N/A

Ever get that feeling of Nostalgia? In their most recent single, Yot Club described one's longing for previous experiences and feelings. Whenever I feel nostalgia, I like to think of the times I spent as a kid playing with friends and the innocence of childhood. From time to time I do forget about those elementary school days, but like Yot Club said "An old picture on the phone, it brings me to that day," I find old photos or possessions of mine that vividly remind me of the fun times.

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  1. Eyedress

  2. Vacations

  3. Strawberry Guy

Reviewer’s Name: Evan Williams ( Ev )

Date of Review: 03/20/2024



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