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Wildcats Slaughter Lumberjacks!

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Saturday marked the season opener for Arizona football. The Arizona Wildcats faced off against the Northern Arizona Lumberjacks in an exciting first game. The final score was a brutal 38-3 as the NAU Lumberjacks could not catch a break - or score a touchdown - all game. The Wildcats have only lost to NAU twice in NCAA history, so this ending was somewhat expected. That being said, weak defense, and weaker offense made the Lumberjacks prey for the Wildcats.

Additionally, several questionable play approaches may have cost NAU the game. For example, they switched out quarterbacks, not once, not twice, but thrice, for a total of four quarterbacks in one game. With more possession across the total game over Arizona, it's no surprise NAU didn't exactly play to win. Furthermore, it is obvious that the Arizona Wildcats have been hard at work since last year. A lot of their techniques and overall play just looked practiced and finessed. They seem to be much more in harmony than last year, but this could be beginner's luck.

This was my second football game since starting at Arizona in the fall of last year. After our disappointing home game loss, I was discouraged from attending. Especially! After our mediocre season (seven losses). All said and done, Arizona is in its last season with the PAC-12, and this brings hope -- as well as higher expectations. Hopefully Arizona can bring the heat and keep the momentum for the rest of the football season. Bear Down!!

Author: Sophia Troetel

Date: September 5, 2023

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