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White Lies Goes to Mars

Album/Single: I Don't Want to go to Mars

Artist: White Lies

Label: [PIAS] Recordings


A new single from the band White Lies with a lot of authority. This song fits the style of the bad so well. Powerful vocals amplified by even more powerful drums and guitar. Written with clear lyrics that relay a message without requiring a professional team of decoders.

Starting with the instrumentals, each verse is accompanied by an electric guitar riff that seems to consist of four strums. Each strum is similar but I believe the chords are slightly different. Behind the electric guitar is a repeating drum sequence that is perfectly integrated and it wouldn’t have even crossed my mind if I wasn’t writing a review for this song.

Toward the end of each verse there is a very clear build in the instrumentals to signify the impending chorus. And when the chorus arrives, the instrumentals are taken to a new level of power and excitement. This type of chorus is exactly what I enjoy about songs by White Lies.

One critique that some may have is that the song feels somewhat formulaic and predictable. This is likely the case, but it doesn’t mean the song is bad or not worth listening to. It certainly won’t stop me from listening over and over.

Reviewer's Name: Ellis Laveen

Date of Review: December 16, 2021

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