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Weekly Wind Down

Written, edited, and reviewed by members of KAMP student radio

This Week in Science

Written by: Rhiannon S. Cox


Future Plans for International Space Station Announced

Originally launching in November of 1998, the International Space Station has been a multinational project for research and development in the astronomy field. Over 200 astronauts from countries such as the U.S, Canada, and Japan have collaborated on research since the first humans were sent to live in the station in 2000 (CNN). However, it has recently been announced what would become of the project in the next decade.

NASA stated this week that the station will be crashed into the Pacific Ocean in 2031 due to aging technology. The station will be directed towards the South Pacific Oceanic Uninhabited Area to reenter the atmosphere and land in the ocean. The space station is about the size of a football field, and this is the safest area to dispose of it (NPR). The area is the furthest point in the ocean from land and has previously been the final stop for other space crafts. Over the next nine years, NASA will shift its focus from the International Space Station to newer projects, such as sending astronauts to Mars.

This Week in Culture/Arts

Written by: Eli Gomez

Published: February 4, 2022

The Loft Cinema Celebrates Its Fiftieth Anniversary

The Loft Cinema is a beloved treasure of Tucson; many residents, visitors, and students alike view the Loft as a cornerstone of the arts in this city. The theater will be recognizing its fiftieth anniversary and will celebrate by showing a variety of films released in its founding year, 1972. Just a few movies from the line-up include The Godfather, Pink Flamingos, Cabaret, and Tarkovsky’s Solaris. There will be at least one 1972 film shown each month, so audiences have plenty of opportunities to watch a fifty-year-old film on the big screen year-round.

Time and time again, I’m pleasantly surprised by the Loft’s impressive programming. From the annual international film festival that they host every fall, to the special events such as the 2021 screening of Mulholland Drive preceded by a live performance from Rebekah Del Rio, the Loft is home to some splendid films and events. The Loft is currently hosting a series on the films of Wes Anderson. It’s my hope that more people will be able to experience the magic of moviegoing here at the Loft. May the Loft have a wonderful fiftieth anniversary!

This Week in Politics

Written by: Zoe Montano

Published: February 4, 2022

Pima County Board of Supervisors funds over $1 Million Dollars towards Tucson-based Tourism

In a vote made early last week, the Pima County Board of Supervisors has unanimously agreed to spend $1 million dollars on COVID-relief grants and tourism recovery. Many small businesses have been directly affected by COVID-19 and pandemic-induced lockdowns – especially tourism-based businesses, which rely heavily on in-person contact and travel. According to a recent study done in Pima County, “Shut-downs in 2020 resulted in a 60 percent reduction of the revenue that the county usually collects from tourism to the region.” One of many businesses impacted was such as Old Tucson – a western-themed tourist attraction and former movie set, which has been closed until further notice since the first lockdown.

The $1 million was awarded by the board to Visit Tucson and Orange142, and for various advertisement publications on platforms such as and the Weather Channel. The grant was also given to legal consultants to help decide how the COVID relief money can be spent most effectively. An interesting addition was the funding of the inaugural Pueblos del Maiz Fiesta. The Fiesta is a “(month-long) bilingual celebration of the history and culture of maize cultivation in Southern Arizona.” It will include street food, film screenings, live music, and various vendors. This festival is a good example of the type of events the county is looking to support with this relief money; outdoor events like this one help promote social distancing and safety, which increases their chance of being auspicious.

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