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The Super Show- Aidan Bissett: Supernova Tour


Aidan Bissett came to The Rebel Lounge in Phoenix this Sunday for his second Supernova tour location. Aidan Bissett is a 21-year-old Indie Pop artist born in Oregon who broke through with his song “More Than Friends” on his More Than Friends album (2020). As Aidan Bissett was the headliner, Anna Shoemaker was the opener. Anna Shoemaker is a 23-year-old pop artist born in Philadelphia, “Holly” being her hit song.

Anna right from the start was a sweet human being. The audience can tell she writes and sings her music with such passion with such a gorgeous voice. The interactions with her fans have been very down to earth, almost like it was a casual conversation between friends. Her music itself was pop with a heavy amount of guitar. I found myself liking “If You’re Going” the best. With a great outfit and great talent, Anna finished her performance with Holly and offered to take pictures with her fans after her performance where she watched Aidan perform with her friend.

Aidan Performed some of his modern and throwback songs such as “Different” (2020) to “Ultraviolet” (2023). With this Supernova tour being his first headliner, he knows how to remain professional and fun, which I have noticed can be hard for newer artists. Aidan opened up the setlist with “All The I’m Craving” and all I have to say is that I was pleased to see artists that are newer playing in a band. The environment of the whole performance felt like a group of kids working on some music in their garage. It was very lively, authentic and fun and that energy radiated throughout the whole show. With guitar solos one second and finishing tiktoks the other second, there was never a dull moment. I try to list pros and cons in my writing but I truly can’t think of anything wrong with this concert. Aidan played one of his songs in the crowd and had a meet and greet after the show to connect with his fan on a deeper level (I was the first in the line). I see Aidan and his band going a lot further than the Rebel Lounge in the near future and I’m so excited to see what he has in store next for his listeners.

Author: Kylie Morgan

Date Published: 10/18/2023

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