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STRFKR at Rialto

Show Lineup: Happy Sad Face and Ruth Radelet opened for STRFKR.

Genre(s): Both openers were alternative.

STRFKR tends towards psychedelic rock and neo-synthpop.

Venue: The event took place at the Rialto Theatre

Date: 4/7/2023

The solar eclipse wasn't the only galactic event last week. STRFKR hit the Tucson scene Sunday, April 7th and brought interstellar magic with them. The show opened with the ballady and bizarre performance from Happy Sad Face. They were an alternative singer with a voice for Broadway, and it was obvious why STRFKR collaborated with them. Ruth Radelet brought the sleepy alternative pop similar to Alice Phoebe Lou, and made a new fan out of me. She is definitely someone to watch and is sure to rise in popularity after this tour.

Next up with the main act, STRFKR! I am an old fan of STRFKR, so they could have played one song, and I still would have been happy, but they provided a full experience with a two hour long set! It was as dreamy and fun as I would imagine for a STRFKR show; with psychedelic visuals and synthy melodies. Dancing came naturally, and they played all their biggest hits like Rawnald Gregory Erikson and Bury Us Alive. One of my personal favorites was Kahlil Gibran, which translated well to the live performance. If you are into artists like Cannons or even Hippie Sabotage, I recommend you get on the STRFKR website and find the next closest show. It was most definitely worth the small expenditure and I will continue to listen to them on and off stage.

Reviewer Name: Elizabeth Somer

Date of Review: 4/17/2023

Photo cred: Jacob Schwartz

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