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The Rest of the REMXNG EPs

Album: REMXNG 2.2, 2.4, and 2.4

Artist: clipping.

Label: Sub Pop Records

Non-Airable Tracks: Spotify lists no tracks as explicit, but Any of the Run For Your Life remixes and Lookin Like Meat and Down have muffled profanity. Other tracks do too, proceed with caution.


Well October 12th has come and gone, and all of clipping.’s REMXNG EPs are out for the world to enjoy. I thought there were going to be five of them, turns out there are only four. My bad. I already reviewed the first one in depth earlier this month, so this review is going to be a rapid fire review of the other three.

REMXNG 2.2 is unfortunately a step down from the first EP, in my opinion. It’s not terrible by any means, but the remixes just aren’t as wild or earwormy as 2.1. Some of the remixes feel like lesser versions of 2.1’s remixes, like 96 Nerve Campbell. With the exceptions of He is Dead and She is Bad, Run for Your Life, and Attunement, nothing really impressed me or blew me away on this one. Listen to those songs definitely, but the entire EP is in no way essential listening. Though, if you are a big fan of remixes chopping up vocal lines to the point that you can’t even hear the original lyrics, you may like this EP, since that happens quite often here. This batch of remixes just left me wanting more out of the songs. No song on here is awful, but not enough was changed in the songs to make them memorable.

Thankfully, my apathetic streak ended with REMXNG 2.3, which is fantastic. Every song save the last two are weird and wild, especially the opener track which delivers the verses in a pitched up vocoder that sounds more like something Phish would do than any rap track. Even the track that doesn’t really change the backing instrumental (96 Neve Campbell) is a whole bop, with vocals chopped so much you don’t hear words, just accents on the grooving backing track. One of my favorite clipping. tracks, Blood of the Fang, gets remixed by way of a black hole, with the tempo and delivery of vocals stretched and then condensed rapidly. And the first Say the Name remix is basically a harder rock song, with a guitar that hogs the spotlight in the best way. The last two tracks aren’t as memorable to me, but they are still pretty good. Just too stripped back and derivative of other remixes on the previous two EPs. Overall, this one is really good, definitely give it a listen, just go in with an open mind.

The final REMXNG EP ends things with a bang, it being even better than the past two and standing toe to toe with 2.1. This EP is by far the most experimental of them all. Remixes range from swing beats overlaid with odd notes of violins as in the opener, club songs with thumping and relentless bass, the classic industrial glitchiness permeating the entire thing, and a choral arrangement in the closer. But I think the reason why I love this EP the most is because of how enveloping it feels, particularly in the second half. The production circles you and completely surrounds you in lush synths that are lined with serrated industrial noises, it’s absolutely fantastic. The closer track in particular, the one with a choral arrangement, remixes at least three, maybe four clipping. tracks, all having to do with the word Down, hence the song’s title. Down is just a stunning closer to both the EP and the REMXNG projects as a whole, weaving four wholly different tracks into one choral arrangement set over a gorgeous yet haunting soundscape. It’s one of the best tracks from clipping., regardless of it being a remix.

Even though most of these EPs are remixing the same songs, most of the remixes sound so different from the originals, and each other, that you don’t always notice that they’re remixing the same song. And like the first one, each EP is no longer than 40 minutes each, and each is well worth your time. Definitely listen if you’re in the mood for something spooky and odd, you won’t be disappointed.

Sounds Like:

  1. Death Grips

Recommended Tracks:

  1. Down

  2. Attunement (Blectom from Blechdom Remix)

  3. Attunement (Fire-Toolz - Atonement Remix)


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