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The Imagineering story - review

Streaming Service: Disney+

Release Date: November 12, 2019

Rating: 10/10

Description: If you are a Disney fanatic or someone looking for a story about rich history, then this is the show for you. "The Imagineering story" is a docuseries about the origination of Walt Disney's magical creation, Disneyland, and everything else that followed.

This six episode series for all ages that takes you back in time to a place before the magic kingdom was even a concept. By this time in his career, Walt Disney was the King of animation. The winner of several awards and recognitions, but it was still not enough. Walt wanted more. He believed that their needed to be a place where both kids and adults could have fun together. As Walt sat one day on a bench as his daughters played on a carousel, he imagined that place and brought it to life. He would call it Disneyland.

From this moment on, you will not want to leave your seat. You will learn the rich history of Disneyland, and the back breaking work that was put into creating it. Walt was a perfectionist, and you see that in how he wanted the park modeled. With all the highs the series brings, there are many lows as well.

Prepare to have the strings of your hearts tugged on, as you experience the death of Walt Disney and the chaos the ensued after his passing. When you witness the disgusting attempts made to ruin the company, you'll want to throw your phone in frustration.

After that, you will learn of the inception of all the modern day parks and studios that The Walt Disney Company came to acquire. You will gaze in wonder at the creation of Tokyo Disneyland, raise your eyebrow at the controversial Euro Disney, have your heart warmed by all the beautiful animals at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park and so much more!

Finally, end the series with a magical final episode that ties together the incredible journey that Walt Disney began over 70 years ago. When finished, you will realize that Disneyland is more than just a park. It is a place of magic. It is a place of wonder. It is your land, and you can make it whatever you want. Whether that is a safari in Adventureland or a trip to the future in Tomorrowland, "The Imagineering Story" will have you packing your bags with a one way ticket headed to Disneyland.

Reviewer Name: Sean Fagan

Date of Review: 3/18/2021


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