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Where is The Future of Entertainment Heading? A Little Dive to See.

As someone like me who can catch herself being amused by certain aspects of entertainment, such as reality shows, awards shows, and social media. Pretty much anything that gives me a glimpse of what is relevant on the entertainment side of society. Now this is not necessarily because I deeply care about what’s going on. But I do try to see what exactly is considered entertaining to people nowadays. Don’t get me wrong even with certain aspects of entertainment not catching my full-on interest. I still get captivated by what it is.  

For example the Sandoval drama, now if you are not familiar

All three at the Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion.
Tom Sandoval (Left), Rachel Leviss (Middle), and Ariana Madix (Right)

with the show Vanderpump Rules, you are not alone. But to give a short explanation it is a reality show that mainly focuses on the lives and relationships of the staff that work for Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant. That is located in West Hollywood called Sexy Unique Restaurant. Now why I bring this show up because as someone like me who had never watched a single episode, I had all of a sudden become interested when the reunion came on. Which for a good part centered around the staff Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix, and Rachel Leviss. Specifically about Sandoval cheating on Madix with Leviss. 

Now why did I care? Was it suspicion, curiosity, boredom maybe all of the above? But while I was invested in this drama I realized, “What has entertainment become?"

From what I see happening now in today's world of entertainment and society you get that visual presentation of how easily people can get engaged with petty drama, but maybe not as much with other genres.

I can fully admit to falling victim to it because let's be honest sometimes as humans we like to distract ourselves with other people's problems rather than necessarily paying attention to our own. I mean why do you think drama channels on YouTube are so popular? Or drama content creators on TikTok? What is relevant and trendy is immediately what people gravitate towards. Especially when it’s a conflict between others. Entertainment will always be here but what it has become is another story.  Now this isn’t just for television, it’s for music, social media, and anything that society views as entertaining.

We now see how it is becoming more attainable to get into the entertainment business with social media. Where I also wonder what the future of people trying to get into certain forms of entertainment will look like. When it comes to rising stars that have originally first started from social media we could probably now name a good portion. Such as YouTube OG’s

Show is aired on Hulu with 3 seasons

like Joji (Filthy Frank), Pewdiepie, Markiplier, Superwoman, etc. Or even with new rising stars that started on other social media sites like Vine or TikTok such as the D' Amelio sisters, Addison Rae, Lisa Koshy, King Bach, etc. 

Now I still have the humble opinion that social media stars becoming A-list celebrities is still a stretch. But the possibility isn’t completely out of the question. I mean Charlie D' Amelio has connections with the Kardashians for goodness sake. 

So I ask you guys this, where do find the future of entertainment heading? Will it continue to improve or will it slowly start becoming more predictable? I have a guess, what do you think? 

Post By: Josie Shivers

Date of Post: 1/11/2024

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