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The Hellp - Enemy EP Review

Album: Enemy - EP

Artist: The Hellp

Sub-Genres: Noise Pop, Synth Punk, Digital Hardcore

Label: Terrible Records

Non-Airable Tracks: N/A


The Hellp are an Electronic music duo from Los Angeles, consisting of members Noah Dillon and Chandler Ransom Lucy, notable outside of The Hellp for their works in photography, activism for reform in Drunk Driving laws, etc. Having released many EP's and singles since 2015, this year they released a compilation album entitled Vol. 1 on Terrible Records, pulling together tracks released from 2015-2021.

Being their first record of fully new music since 2018's Lucy EP, Enemy showcases vast improvements in production and songwriting for the group, while still maintaining the chaotic energy and sonic futurism that make songs like "Tu Tu Neurotic" and "Ssx" sound like they came out 10 years too early. All 5 tracks are some of the boldest and most exciting music released so far this decade. This is to pop music what I assume Sonic Youth's EVOL and Sister were to guitar music in the 80's, groundbreakingly experimental and layered while still remaining catchy and exciting to listen to (I was not alive in the 80's, so I have no way of confirming this, and I really don't care if it's true or not).

My only complaint with Enemy is that it is about 5-10 tracks too short. The first two tracks, 4up7up and Air Bnb Sonnet, are the type of promising introduction that warrant at least another 30 minutes of music to follow, but I understand that limiting this record to a brief 18 minutes is part of why it never gets stale or boring. yrstruly and the closing track Undertow are unpredictably disjointed and sonically very far from what other electronic pop artists are doing right now, but still maintain extremely catchy melodies and vocal performances that work with the expertly crafted instrumentals on this record. Height, the highlight of this EP already full of high points, is cathartically noisy and aggressive with pounding drums and chops of vocals creating melodies and the sonic depth that makes Enemy such a great record.

I think this is one of the best releases of the year so far, but I am also 19 and attend the University of Arizona, so take that as you will.

Sounds Like:

  1. (2010s) Nine Inch Nails

  2. Oneohtrix Point Never

  3. The Garden

Recommended Tracks: all of them but...

  1. ​Height

  2. Air Bnb Sonnet

  3. yrstruly

Reviewer’s Name: George Romero

Date of Review: October 1, 2021

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