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The Good Place- 3×01 “Everything is Bonzer!”

Network: NBC

Streaming Service: Netflix,

Release Date: September 27, 2018


The Good Place is one of the best shows on television. From it’s well thought out characters, ethics lessons, and twists and turns that keep viewers on their toes, you need to be watching this show. Seasons 1 and 2 are available on Netflix, and season 3 premiered last night with a one hour season premiere. Here is my episode recap/review.


Season two finished with the craziest twist that I could never have seen coming. After the season one finale reveal that this is actually The Bad Place, I didn’t think they could top that. But Michael (Ted Danson) and the judge’s (Maya Rudolph) murmuring led them to sending our four beloved but slightly terrible humans back to Earth to see if they can redeem themselves. First, we see that it was actually Michael who went to Earth on the day these four died and saved them, pushing Eleanor out of the way of shopping carts, forcing Chidi (William Jackson Harper) to jump out of the way of a falling air conditioner, shoving Tahani (Jameela Jamil) out of the way from the falling statue, and unlocking Jason (Manny Jacinto) from the safe he suffocated in. They have all gone through self-bettering journey’s over the past year, but have fallen back into their bad habits that landed them in the Bad Place in the first place. Michael continually visits them, even when Janet (D’Arcy Carden) suggests he stops, after realizing that the key is to get them all together, and they all end up as part of Chidi’s thesis project. But, Michael’s trips to Earth have not gone unnoticed by the Bad Place squad, and they have sent Trevor (Adam Scott) to Earth to also be a part of Chidi’s study, throwing off Michael’s plans of making these four better.

Reaction: I did not expect Trevor to show up! We haven’t seen him since season one, but his character is just so intriguing, it’ll be interesting to see him mask himself as a human. My favorite thing about this show is their attention to detail, from Tahani’s contacts in her phone to Jason’s dance squad opponents to their constant dissing of the states of Arizona and Florida. I wish Janet could’ve had more time to shine, but the show does a good job of showcasing their incredible ensemble throughout the season, so I’m not worried.

Predictions: With Trevor back in the mix, this can’t be good for our humans. Eleanor is trying to be good, but with bad influences around her she tends to not get better. Trevor could easily lead her down the wrong path, which could lead Chidi to again blame himself for other people’s wrongdoing. Also, it will be easy for Trevor to torture Chidi by giving ridiculous answers to his questions that are completely unethical. Without the two leaders of the pack, that leaves Jason and Tahani together, and we’ve seen how these two can kind of live in their own fantasyland without the others guidance. I hope that the Cockroach Squad can stay together and strong, but this will really throw a wrench in things. Also, the Judge will soon realize that Michael has done some meddling, and she won’t let him off easy. I think she’ll threaten to end the experiment and bring these four back to the Bad Place, but then they’ll do something extremely virtuous and she’ll let the experiment continue. I’m excited to see where season three will take us!

Favorite Moments:

“I saw this place that was, at once, a Pizza Hut and a Taco Bell!”- Michael, about Earth

Tahani’s Vogue 73 Questions parody

“Our biggest exports are racist sheriffs and HPV.” – Eleanor, about Arizona

Eleanor said “jif” instead of “gif” 😦

“Choose [music] deeply terrible to inspire us“ *plays “Right Here Waiting” by Richard Marx*

“Well, good luck, Dad. Nope, also weird. Just go.”- Janet, trying to see if Michael can be a father figure for her

Tahani’s phone consisting of all of her celebrity contacts- Bono, Taika Waititi, Taylor Swift, The Edge, The Edge’s private number (that Bono doesn’t even know about), The Queen, The Rock, Thom Yorke, Tilda Swinton, Tiger Woods, Tim Cook, Tim Gunn, Tom Brady, and Tom Cruise

“This book is so brilliant, I’ve decided to quit writing, because I’ll never top it.” – Malcolm Gladwell about Tahani’s book, Get Out of the Spotlight

Jason’s rival dance crews- Panther Blood, Suck Monsters

“Who would ever be scared of Santa Claus? Oh! The Jewish.”- Jason

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