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"The Final Tyranny" EP by Demon King - Review

Album: The Final Tyranny Artist: Demon King Genre: #metal Sub-Genres: death metal, technical death metal, blackened death metal Label: The Artisan Era Non-Airable Tracks: n/a Description: This is some heavy stuff my guy. I was not familiar with this band when I saw its release, but I learned that this band is a mash up of musicians from several other bands such as Inferi, Enfold Darkness, and A Loathing Requiem. If you are familiar with those bands, I commend you. I am a big fan of Inferi, and this album does continue similar vibes to Inferi's music. The drums and bass players on this album are both from Inferi, and they kill it.

This album fits into the blackened technical death metal sub genre, and it does do all of the standard tech death stuff very well. There are fast drums, crazy guitar solos, gravelly vocals. The instruments are all very well produced and everything sounds great. The guitar riffs and melodies are especially well done. The guitar parts reminded me a bit of Necrophagist at times, which was cool to see. The album keeps the pace going most of the time, and it races through some crazy stuff in only 18 minutes of runtime. Despite being tech death, it does have some places where it slows down and adds a spoken word section or a little synth part, which I greatly appreciate.

Long story short, if you like tech death you will probably like this. The riffs are top notch and the drums are h*cking great, the songwriting is complex and interesting. Check it out. Sounds Like: Inferi, Necrophagist, Black Dahlia Murder

Recommended Tracks:

  1. Tyrannical Reign of the Deceiver (​3:51)

Reviewer’s Name: Nathaniel Smith

Date of Review: Feb 24, 2021

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