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The Chamanas - NEA II

Album: NEA II

Artist: The Chamanas

Label: Self-release

Non-Airable Tracks: NONE


The Chamanas are out with their new album “Nea II” and its great. This Mexican-pop quartet mix indie and Mexican flavors to create a super Pink Martini-ish vibe. This music is the kind of music you play in the background while doing homework, or you could casually dance to while procrastinating on homework. OR I could see it as the ending song of an episode from a dramatic series where the main character looks above the camera while it zooms out.

Anyway, this album seems to have something for everyone and it creates a soothing and encouraging environment. The songs are made great with the high, airy, and whimsical vocals, the generous amount of synth, as well as the Latin influences of the guitar and horns. In fact they sing most things in Spanish. The Chamanas also do a cover of Portugal the Man’s “Feel it Still” and it is way less annoying than the original that’s been played too many times on the radio. Overall, it’s super pretty and I highly recommend! I might not jam out to this on the way to class when I want to drown everyone out, but I would definitely play this to relax at the end of the day.

Sounds Like: Pink Martini, B-Tribe

Recommended Tracks: 

  1. 4 – “Primera Vez”- Super pretty vocals, nice to relax and listen in the background

  2. 5 – “Descansar” – High notes! Sounds like the romantic/sad part in a movie

  3. 9 – “Alma Ciega”-More upbeat than the other songs, synth start and drums!

Reviewer’s Name: Natty Trujillo

Date of Review: 9/25/2018

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