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The "Bright Side" of the Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd Light Show

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Genre: Light show and music Venue: Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium Date: 10/07/22

I have two confessions: I had never seen an actual light show, or listened to the Dark Side of the Moon album in full. Safe to say, I was very eager and curious about what this experience would entail. My expectations were definitely exceeded. Walking into the planetarium, the ambience was set with red lighting.

The light show itself was much more entertaining than I initially thought. I thought that it would just be different bright colored lasers moving around the planetarium, synced to the beat of the music. However, it was not just that. There were many figures and shapes, from the outline of a human, to animals, clocks, windows, and more. The lights corresponded to the rhythm of the music at times, but also moved in relation to the lyrics of the song. It felt like the lights were bringing the album to life and telling a story. At some points, it reminded me of those baby sensory videos of cute pieces of fruits and vegetables bouncing around on the screen, which I personally enjoy. Maybe I am just easily entertained. As a person who was listening to the album in full for the very first time, I thought the lights helped convey some of the deeper meanings of the songs.

The music was great. I am a big fan of rock and psychedelic rock, and I had listened to some of Pink Floyd's music before, so I already had an idea of what to expect. I was a little worried that the combination of music and lights might be too overstimulating, but it really was not. The music was loud enough that you felt immersed in the experience, but not too loud that you would have to yell at the person next to you to tell them something. It allowed you to focus on the light show, but also enjoy the sweet tunes that were being blasted out of the speakers.

My only warnings would be if you have a tendency to get motion sickness, some of the lights might cause you to feel sick. I tend to have a really sensitive stomach but I was not bothered by some of the circular or spiral motions of the lights. If you have a very sensitive stomach, I still recommend seeing the light show, but just be prepared for some of the motions at times. The other warnings are pretty self explanatory: if you are highly sensitive to bright flashing lights and loud music, this definitely is not the event for you. However, I definitely think it is worth listening to the Dark Side of the Moon album if you haven't and just staring at the ceiling instead.

I was thoroughly entertained by the light show and I thought it was a really cool experience. It made me more interested in seeing what other events the planetarium has. I went to the show with my sister and some friends, and one of my friends' favorite album is Dark Side of the Moon. They really enjoyed it and it just solidified their love for the album and Pink Floyd. If you already love both like they do, the light show is a really fun way to experience the music. Tickets for the show are $7 for students which I feel is pricey since that is how much a meal is worth, but maybe that is just me. It was ultimately worth the money though. As well, the show did not drag. I saw the show was supposed to last around an hour and I thought that would feel really long. Because there is so much happening, you do not really notice time passing and it goes by quite fast. Overall, I would recommend this light show.

Rating: 8/10 Reviewer Name: Therese Peralta Date of Review: 10/08/22

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