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"The Battle at Garden's Gate" by Greta Van Fleet

Album: The Battle at Garden's Gate

Artist: Greta Van Fleet

Sub-Genres: #grunge #psych

Label: Republic Records

Description: I have been a fan of Greta Van Fleet for a while now. The first single they released from this album is my second favorite song, "Heat Above". The entire album conveys an other worldly feeling. Especially in "Heat Above" I hear strong resemblance to Pink Floyd. While I have always love Greta Van Fleet, they always seem to out do themselves with each album and I have no idea how it can get any better than this. They have exploded with popularity over the last few years and you can definitely see the growth in each of their albums. While keeping their signature sound, they still seem to add an extra element into their albums that make them so successful. They are topping rock charts across the world with this album, which is an amazing feat. Many people claim that they are simply Led Zeppelin copycats. In their past work, it was very clear that this was their inspiration. However, as time goes on, I believe they are making their own unique sound.

This album is filled with so much passion- and you can hear it in the vocals. Each song has its own strengths and it great it their own way. Throughout the album, you can hear the different elements that have begun to experiment with- which is what sets this album apart from their previous work. While most of the album is upbeat and energetic, "Light My Love" has a different feel to it. It sounds much softer and more heartfelt. I can belt this song in the car whereas the other songs are just great to listen to. The gusto of the vocals can send anyone chills down their spine. I can only imagine what this song would sound like live.

Overall, I am very impressed with this album. However, there is still much more work I think they need to do to convince rock fans and critics that they are not just a Led Zeppelin tribute.

Sounds Like:

  1. Pink Floyd

  2. Led Zeppelin

  3. The Black Keys

  4. Vista Kicks

Recommended Tracks:

  1. ​Light My Love

  2. Heat Above

  3. Caravel

Reviewer’s Name: Alyssa Ruiz

Date of Review: 05/05/2021

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