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The 1975: Still... At Their Very Best

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Show Lineup: Dora Jar, The 1975

Genre(s): #Alternative #Indie Venue: Desert Diamond Arena, Phoenix, AZ Date: October 5, 2023 As someone who participates in "Robbers Girl Fall," this concert was long awaited and the perfect way to start fall. I saw The 1975 last fall during their "At Their Very Best Tour" just a month after their newest album came out when they performed in Phoenix at Arizona Financial Theater, and I may be biased since I am a HUGE 75 fan, but they really just keep getting better.

The night started with opener Dora Jar, and she was amazing. I had never heard her music before, but after last night I will absolutely be adding her songs to my playlists. One of my favorite things is going to a show and there is an opener that is actually enjoyable to listen to. I would recommend listening to her songs "Multiply" and "It's Random" if you're looking for a new alternative/indie female artist to be obsessed with. Her music gives older Olivia Rodrigo mixed with The 1975 mixed with Paramore. Her set was super entertaining to watch and she is a great performer.

Now, onto my absolute favorite band in the world. The 1975 started their show by performing "The 1975" off of their newest album Being Funny in a Foreign Language. They proceeded to play songs off of all of their albums. Although very controversial, I would argue that no one puts on a show like Matty Healy and his band. I could not take my eyes off of the stage. Their lyrics, music, funny bits, and the props on their set made every dollar I spent on my ticket 100% worth it. They played some of my favorite songs of theirs, such as "I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)," "Love It If We Made It," "Heart Out," and a cult classic, "Robbers." If you went to this show as a new fan and are looking to get more into their music, I suggest you listen to "Me & You Together Song," "Girls," and "UGH!"

I won't lie, the pit experience for a 1975 show is slightly overwhelming. My sister and I went over to the venue around 8:30 the morning of the show, and there was already over 100 people in line to get wristbands for early access. Once we got into the venue, we were about third row back. Every general admission show I have been to people have been pretty chill and good about giving everyone their space. At this show, I felt like the pushing never stopped, so we ended up going to the back of the pit where there was more space about halfway through the show.

The 1975 tweaks their sound in almost every album, and their lyrics and production have improved over every album they have released. I have been following their music since I was in middle school, and I am so excited to see what they release in the future.

Overall, I would rate this show a 9/10, despite my less than amazing pit experience. The sound was amazing, but I do wish they would have played some of their less popular songs. If you even kind of like The 1975, I would highly encourage you to make your way to one of the shows on their "Still... At Their Very Best" tour. Reviewer Name: Alison Randall

Date of Review: October 6, 2023



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