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Simulation by Virtual Riot

Album: Simulation

Artist: Virtual Riot

Genre: #EDM

Sub-Genres: #Dubstep #Riddim

Label: Disciple Records

Non-Airable Tracks:

-​Get Away

Description: Simulation, released September 10 2021, is Virtual Riot's second album since his last release, "There Goes Your Money," back in 2013. He's released many EPs and singles in-between, but to hear an entire album with a video game theme is exciting. This album has a colorful sound design that keeps your ears entertained. A few songs stand out and are very fun to listen to, such as Simulation, REDLINE, and Touhou Riddim. A few songs near the middle of the album tend to blend and sound the same. The sound keeps you engaged but sometimes feels rushed and gives you enough time to process what happened. The colorful playfulness of the musical design makes you feel like you have been sucked into an 80's video game arcade. Most of the tracks have a bouncy feel to them and take you on a rollercoaster, as most EDM tracks do, with build-ups and drops. It's a fun experience listening to this album, and I'll be cherry-picking a few songs to add to my playlists.

Sounds Like:

  1. Barely Alive

  2. Modstep

  3. Subtronics

Recommended Tracks:

  1. ​Simulation

  2. Touhou Riddim

  3. Dreaming

Reviewer’s Name: Branden Gosse

Date of Review: 20211015

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