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Polyphia: the Vanguard of Modern Music

Show Lineup: Domi & DJ Beck, Polyphia

Genres: R&B, Metal, Hip-Hop

Venue: Marquee Theater Tempe, AZ

Date: Oct-3-2023


Polyphia, also known as America's Band, just wrapped up their 2023 "Remember That You Will Die" tour after 2 and half hours of intense performance in Marquee theater, Tempe . Polyphia creates their music with a unique progressive blend of styles, seamlessly combining technical, intricate instrumentals with elements of hip-hop, R&B, and jazz. And they were considered as the vanguard of music innovation. Polyphia was founded in 2010 and released their debut album in 2014. Their popularity skyrocketed following the release of their latest album, "Remember That You Will Die," in 2022.

The concert opened with Domi and DJ Beck, a young yet potential instrumental duo Band from France. I arrived at the concert at nearly the end of Domi and Dj Beck’s performance; but I was still able to hear a couple songs from them. Domi’s keyboard and singing and DJ Beck’s impressive drum skills instantly made me a fan of them. They were able to smoothly switch the pace of the music and create a unique experience to the audience. And I think they did an outstanding job of hyping up the air in the theater.

The performance by Polyphia is nothing short of amazing. Beside the performance of all the band members. The lighting in the theater dynamically adjusts to complement each song, creating a perfect atmosphere. The band is able to smoothly transition between different songs because of the full instrumental style and keeps the audience engaged. During some of the transitions when the guitarist needed to switch to another tuned guitar, the bassist and drummer showcased their exceptional skills with mind-blowing solos. And the occasionally close corporate performance between the band members also earned lots of cheering from the crowds. The highlight of the show is Tim, the lead guitarist. He is probably one of the most talented guitarists in the world, creating instrumental music with seemingly impossible guitar technique and paces . Much of Polyphia's popularity can be attributed to his mesmerizing guitar solos and his stage presence.

Another significant aspect that makes this performance unforgettable for me is the crowd. I was fortunate enough to find a spot in the front row of the general area.(But I was still blocked by some 7 foot dudes in the very front). The camaraderie among the audience is incredible. The crowd enthusiastically sang along with the instrumental songs, following the lead of the rhyme guitarist. While the members of Polyphia didn't stage dive during this performance, the audience was determined to uphold this "ritual." A couple of audience members were lifted up and managed to dive onto the stage with the help of the crowds (and they were immediately carried away by the security). Towards the end of the concert, during one of Polyphia's biggest hits, "Goat," the crowd spontaneously formed a dance pit in the center of the general area. (I was tossed around in the pit like a beach ball, and for a moment I was sure I wasn't gonna survive the song).

After all, I think Polyphia's concert is probably one of the craziest concerts I've ever been to, not only Polyphia's impressive performance but also the atmosphere of the concert made this an unforgettable experience for me. Even though I am very impressed with the band’s overall performance, the lack of fan interaction still disappointed me quite a bit (The entire band didn’t say a single word the whole time), and they were doing dives and all sorts of things in their other tour which made me feel a bit unfair . And during some of the vocal hits of Polyphia (cooperated with other artists), due to the absence of the original vocal, they have to play the record of the vocal which is somewhat unclear in the theater and mostly overwhelmed by the instruments.

At the end, I would rate my overall concert experience 8.8/10. This is definitely a one of a lifetime experience for me. I will continue to support Polyphia and look forward to them creating more music and leading the innovation of new forms of music.

Reviewer: Lawrencio Zhang

Date of Review: Oct 6th 2023

(Pictures and Videos Below)

(Domi & DJ Beck)

(Drummer Solo)

(One of My Favorite Polyphia Song-- Goose)

(Rhyme Guitarist solo)

(Playing God - Polyphia)



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