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Ohzora Kimishima and The Beauty behind Folktronica

Album: 映帶する煙 (Eitai suru kemuri)

Artist: Ohzora Kimihsima


Favorite Tracks:

Track #2: 扉の夏 (Tobira No Natsu) Track #3: 装置 (Souchi) Track #5: 19℃

Track #9: エルド (Eldo)


It was a Friday in the afternoon. My homework for the week was done, nothing too exciting was happening to me that night, I would probably just end up in a Discord call with friends from back home. But I was feeling in an "I want to listen to Japanese music" kind of mood. I look in the Kamp Radio Stacks™️, go to EDM section of it, and find Ohzora Kimishima. At first I was like "cool, EDM Japanese music!!" but looked at the Genre and found myself with a brand new concept for my mind to process: Folktronica

What is Folktronica? I tried googling the concept, and found myself with the next definition:

Folktronica is a hybrid genre of music that blends acoustic instruments found in folk music and some types of indie rock with the drum machines and synthesizers of electronic music

This seemed interesting, so I decided to listen to the the album mentioned in The Stacks™️. And I am so glad I did. This gave me a breath of fresh air for the hectic upbeat songs I am used to listening. Every song goes a very distinct direction, but still ends up being cohesive within the whole album, there isn't a single song that feels misplaced. The Glitchy and Psychedellic soundscapes never seem too much, and I got really surprised at how good this guy can make a femenine voice. If there was a way I could describe the whole vibe of this album, is as if Ichiko Aoba (or at least their vocals) was over instrumentals like the ones in American Football, or Bon Iver. This is something you would listen to while reading and watching the sunset, or if you want something a little more relatable, when you're looking at the ceiling in a pitch dark room alone with your thoughts in a middle of an existential crisis. My only downside to this, is that there are songs that can be a little long, but overall, I enjoyed listening to this album, and being obsessed with it during a whole week. I am so glad to have decided to go to The Stacks™️ and discover this genre (which apparently, includes a lot of thing I normally listen to, like Four Tet or Bjork). And I am especially happy to have found this album and artist. Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you consider giving this album a listen! (●'◡'●) And if you do so, please let me know your own opinion!!

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