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Natural Affair Review

Album: Natural Affair

Artist: The Growlers

Genre: #Indie #Alt

Sub-Genres: “#BeachGoth” #Poprock

Label: Beach Goth Records

Non-Airable Tracks: N/A


The eighth album by “Beach Goth” band The Growlers produces the most pop-oriented sound from any album the band has created. Here’s what’s stayed: Brooks Nielson’s voice. If you’re scared that Nielson might’ve changed his vocal style, there is nothing to fear. He still keeps his mellow and strained voice for all of the songs on this album that he has other albums.

Unlike other albums by The Growlers, Natural Affair has a much more pop-oriented sound. It is very reminiscent of other bands like the 1975 and The Neighbourhood. One track on this album, Social Man, sounds very reminiscent of The 1975’s Love Me.

Natural Affair is much different from The Growler’s previous albums due to its pop-like sound. Most fans of the band did not find this album true to their sound, however there is a lot to be said for new audiences. Although not all of the songs on the album were completely memorable, some really stood out. In short, is this their best album: No. Was this album good: Yes. It might not reach the same status as Chinese Fountain and City Club, but it undeniably does a good job with staying consistent in theme of the album.

Sounds Like: The 1975, The Neighbourhood

Recommended Tracks: Natural Affair, Social Man, Stupid Things

Reviewer’s Name: Milan Uhrik

Date of Review: 12/4/2019

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