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My favorite boy band is back!

For nearly five years, I have decided whether a year is good or disappointing based on if Wallows released new music. Therefore, the past two years have not been 10/10s, although, in 2022, I was at their incredible Tell Me That It's Over tour stop in Phoenix. I am one of Wallows' biggest fans, proven by my Spotify-wrapped history that declared I was in the top 0.05% of their listeners. On February 16th, 2024, Wallows released their first new single in nearly two years, "Your Apartment," and it is everything I wanted. The rollout for this song included the creation of a new official Wallows account, @/wallowsinfo, created by the band themselves to tease and release information about the single and hint at their next singles and future album. The release of this song was, infuriatingly, on the 16th at midnight local time, meaning I was taunted on X-formerly-known-as-Twitter by fans in Australia who were listening well before I could. Despite this, I stayed loyal and avoided any screen-recorded snippets of the song, excluding the band's official teaser, where they included a bit of the instrumental. Before I could listen to the song, some fans claimed it sounded similar to the overarching sound of their first album, Nothing Happens. I'm not sure what song they were listening to, but upon hearing "Your Apartment" ourselves, my friends and fellow Wallows fans agreed it has a sound most similar to their 2018 release, Spring EP. The most comparable songs from the EP mentioned above are "Ground" and "It's Only Right," but a case could be made that there is a bit of Tell Me That It's Over flair. Overall, this track has Wallows' signature sound but amplifies it to a new degree, signifying their next era.

Regarding the song’s sound, "Your Apartment" begins with a funky guitar riff that suddenly but smoothly incorporates Cole Preston's masterful drumming and some low piano notes. After a 22-second instrumental intro, Dylan Minnette's vocals come in low and velvety for the first verse and hit a slightly higher pitch with the pre-chorus. For the chorus, Dylan's voice is accompanied by Braeden Lemasters' harmonic backing vocals, a Wallows trademark move. You get lost in the lyrics while also being hypnotized by the instrumentals, which all three members participate in: Dylan Minnette on bass guitar, Cole Preston with his drums and synthesizer, and Braeden Lemasters' guitar. What makes this song (and many others) exceptional is how dynamic Minnette's voice is, varying in pitch and carrying notes with ease alongside the guitar and synth beat. I cannot get over the percussive aspect of the song because the drum beat is so well done and guides the song into becoming a track that fits seamlessly into Wallows' discography. For years, Wallows has been making alternative pop-rock hits that stick to their So-Cal indie roots, and I respect that- Why fix what's not broken?

Examining the lyrics, it isn't a stretch to believe that the song was written with Dylan Minnette's ex-girlfriend, singer Lydia Night, in mind. "I've got stitches that I'm sewin' up too/So it isn't fair to say, 'I love you'" is undeniably a breakup song lyric. Of course, I can't know for sure that Night is the subject of the melancholy lyrics as I am unfortunately not one of the band members' close personal friends. Despite this, I have seen what's been shared on social media, and it may not be a stretch to assume that the recent split was not a 100% happy one, and lyrics like "Remember you're not the only one in this/I wanna speak, but you won't even talk to me" further my assumption. I am far from a gossip columnist, so it's not my place to say what sort of falling out the two musicians went through, but as a fan of both Minnette and Night, some lines are just vague enough to give me a guess, however inaccurate it may be.

"Your Apartment" is a wonderfully crafted track and first taste of Wallows' third album. I mean, it better be since I've waited two years for the Californian group to give me something. I have been streaming nonstop since the single's release and listening to their previous songs because their music only gets better with every listen. With the release of a new song comes a new album, which will most likely lead to another tour, and I will undoubtedly be in attendance for a few of the shows. Their last stop in Phoenix was one of my favorite concerts of all time; the vibes were good, the energy was up, and the tears were flowing (specifically during their encore performance of "Uncomfortable"). I am beyond in love with this song and anticipate a fun, poppy album to follow. 

Listen to "Your Apartment" on all music streaming platforms and watch the music video on youtube here: <3

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