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Mom Jeans.'s Latest Acoustic Album

Updated: Feb 15

Album: Bear Market

Artist: Mom Jeans.

Label: self released

Non-Airable Tracks: skinny Bart, wassup;), clown

Description: Many people are already talking about it, and I think MJ. knew people were going to talk about their new album, but now I want to talk about it. I'm going to be honest, on the first listen I didn't like the album. A couple of songs I could appreciate but not the album as a whole. I couldn't see why Mom Jeans. would release a whole album of acoustic reworkings of their songs, especially when half of those songs were off of their last album. What confused me more was how they released their single, Alameda County Fair, before this album, which fit the new sound Mom Jeans. is going for, but it wasn't on Bear Market. I wasn't the only one who thought like this. Before writing this review I went through a reddit thread of fans saying the same thing I was. But then I read an interview with Eric of Mom Jeans. Reading his perspective of the take on the album really made me reevaluate mine. I'm listening to Bear Market right now as I'm writing this review and I can appreciate it's beauty more. Mom Jeans. is known for being a "sad punk" band, often getting clumped with other emo bands, but over the years they've been creating a more pop and even country sound that strays away from the emo tone while still keeping alternative and DIY themes. Ultimately not my favorite album, but worth a listen and I can't wait for new music from my favorite band ;).

(P.S - MJ. if you see this, I WANT SURF THEME FOR WHEN YOU COME TO TUCSON 3/3!! RAAAAAAAAAA!!! thanks :3)

Sounds Like

  1. The Front Bottoms

  2. Hovvdy

  3. Prince Daddy And The Hyena

Recommended Tracks

  1. ​danger can

  2. shred cruz must die

  3. crybaby:'(

Reviewer’s Name: Azrael N. Andersen

Date of Review: 2/13/2024

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