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"Lola" by Goth Babe: Album Review

Album: Lola

Artist: Goth Babe

Sub-Genres: #indiesynth #dreampop

Label: Mom + Pop Music


Imagine you're on a road trip with your friends: main character type beat. Now think about the music playing in the background. Oh, you said "Lola by Goth Babe"? That's the right answer.

Lola, Goth Babe's debut album, is the definition of feel-good music. Goth Babe's past singles and EPs also achieved this feeling, but this album tops everything else. This indie-pop, soft EDM album is the soundtrack to your best memories, and really shows Goth Babe's true talent for capturing happiness.


The album begins with a lovely intro track, "Neon Trees", that makes you feel like you're frolicking through a meadow. It sets the mood for the album perfectly as it leads into the second track, "Crocodile". This is my personal favorite and has been on repeat ever since it released. I have a fat smile on my face every time I hear the beat, and it makes me want to blast music in my car with the windows down. If you gain anything from this review, it's that you have to listen to this song.

The following three tracks are more chill, kind of like sun tanning. Not a worry in the world, just true bliss. The softer vocals and beat serves as a nice transition into the track "Orcas", a calm guitar instrumental. This track is a peaceful break from the electronic beats and gives you time to appreciate your surroundings.

As for the second half of the album, the tracks "Bioluminescence" and "Alone in the Mountains" were the ones that stood out most to me. Both of these tracks were part of the singles that released before the album came out, and I happened to use both of them for Tik Toks I made. "Bioluminescence" builds up as the song progresses, and when the chorus hits it immediately boosts my mood. "Alone in the Mountains" has a similar effect on me since it was my go-to song when I hiked Mt. Rainier over the summer. If you love hiking or being outdoors, this song is perfect!


Goth Babe is the ideal artist to listen to if you want a trip down memory lane or a moment of pure happiness. There really is a track for everyone on here: regardless of your genre of choice, these songs are universally loved. I highly recommend that you listen to at least a few of these tracks or some of Goth Babe's popular songs if you like the vibe!

Sounds Like:

  1. Yoke Lore

  2. Still Woozy

  3. Briston Maroney

Recommended Tracks:

  1. Crocodile

  2. Bioluminescence

  3. Alone in the Mountains

Date of Review: January 31, 2024

Reviewer's Name: Elizabeth McCluskey

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