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Letter to KAMP Alumni: Fall 2021 Semester Review

Hello, hello, hello oldies! Well times sure are-a-changin; this semester has been a complete whirlwind ever since students have been allowed to renter campus. So, what have you missed since leaving your old broadcasting stomping ground? KAMP now has over 50 shows that are being aired live weekly and our membership has grown tenfold since being able to have in-person meetings, and the memes in the discord… it truly is a shame that you have not been able to enjoy them; they have been straight gold. The station is now located in room 323 in the University Services Building (the big one behind the CVS on University Blvd.) -- if you are in the area, drop in and say hi! We love hearing the lore and legends of KAMPERs passed. Our new general manager, Annika Reimers, has done a fantastic job in transitioning KAMP from the Zoom hellscape to live and in-person, while successfully hosting the first post-quarantine in-studio session with local band, TH’EYUS. Annika and others on Eboard are planning more in-studio shows with bands such as Mute Swan (local) and Serafima (Seattle) for the coming semester. Furthermore, we are in the process of planning our first KAMP-hosted show, to be held in the spring semester at Groundworks, the latest scene for independent and local music. Annika has also finally made the long-held dream of KAMP Goes Kamping into reality; a music-filled weekend trip was free to all at Incinerator Ridge on Mount Lemmon. It was freezing, but totally a dream come true.

In other news, KAMPERs have been hot on the press interviewing artists and going to concerts throughout Arizona. Shout out to our marketing team Grayson Lord and Alyssa Ruiz for interviewing Boy Pablo, our head music director Ruby Fulford for scoring an interview with Jimmy from Jimmy Eat World, and to our music directors, Brian Baer and Kiara Nelson, for doing DUSK music festival press and scoring press passes to Grouplove!!

In addition, our production booth director Nate Smith has done a fantastic job totally revamping the booth in order to incorporate a new soundboard and clean up the desktop (it needed a good purge). Our Mobile DJ crew, headed by Victor Verbalitis, has hosted three gigs thus far and have two more lined up this semester. Also, the news program at KAMP, directed by Peyton Riegel, has officially risen like a phoenix in that one scene of H*rry P*tter. Thanks to Peyton, KAMP is now in collaboration with the Daily Wildcat and UATV while simultaneously publishing Weekly Wind-downs to recap events from all aspects of contemporary life. Finally, our marketing director, Cielo Perez, has also hosted events such as KAMP does Karaoke and a KAMP officer photoshoot. If you would like to meet some of our KAMPERs check out Cielo’s latest project, “Meet your KAMPERs,” linked below!

Phew okay, that was a lot of information, and if you made it this far, thank you for reading! We are so excited to see what the Spring semester holds for us here at KAMP and want to thank all of you for making this program what it is today and for contributing to the epicness of what is KAMP Student Radio. Below you can check out all of the wonderful content our KAMPERS have made via our website, the latest new music on our Youtube version of The Stacks, and our New E-Board’s contact information to stay in touch. Have a great day and remember that thanks to you KAMP is a safe space for bangers. - Kamp Student Radio Official Website



General Manager - Annika Reimers:

Head Music - Ruby Fulford:

Programming Director - Ethan Haden:

Production - Nate Smith:

Marketing Director - Cielo Perez:

Engineering - Jack Hardy:

Mobile DJ - Vic Verbalaitis:

Sports Director - Chris McConnor:

News Director - Peyton Riegel:

Music Directors

Sophie and George:

Brian and Soo:

Amrutha and Trey:


Peyton and Raul:


Radio Station Address:

University Services Building

888 N Euclid Ave. Rm 323

Tucson, AZ, 85719

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