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Jungle Volcano: An Album That May Help You Find the Rhythm

Album: Volcano

Artist: Jungle

Sub-Genres:#Soul #Funk #NeoSoul

Label: Caiola Records & AWAL

Non-Airable Tracks: Holding On & I’ve Been In Love (Ft. Channel Tres)

Description: This album takes its listeners through a whirlwind of sound, dance, soul, and cinematography. Jungle released their new album “Volcano” on August 11, 2023. More music videos continue to be released from the album which has in total of 14 tracks and a length time of 44:34 minutes. Fans and the media are eating it up by hyping up their sound while also showing love for their fantastic choreography throughout this album. One track, in particular, catching a frenzy from the media “Back on 74” has about nine million views on YouTube taking first place for the most viewed video from the album so far, but also becoming a big dance trend on TikTok. As more fans continue remaking their iconic dance moves from the track.

Some may wonder exactly how this band came up with such fantastic choreography for their new album. The person to give that credit to is the one and only Shay Latukolan a dancer based in London and Amsterdam who demonstrates the great art of funk dancing.

From Jungle’s “Back On 74” music video

Latukolan is the choreographer for the music video “Back on 74.” But was also the leading creator of Jungle’s visual album “Volcano”. In a Los Angeles Times interview article “What makes a dance infectious? Ask the choreographer behind 2023’s hottest moves”(Vargas, Steven. AUG. 30, 2023) the interviewer asked about the inspiration behind the choreography where he made a statement saying:

“The script called for something like The Temptations and The Supremes. I was thinking more of like old-school 70s Black shows of The Supremes and The Temptations — those kinds of

Still from Jungle's "Back on 74" music video

energies. And then I just let the music guide me. Together with the film, the clothing, the music and the energy of the dancers, I can understand why they would refer to that movie. I was thinking of my funk training, what I know as a funk dancer and the music — what it made me feel like. It’s the rhythm.”(Latukolan, Shay.,Vargas, Steven. AUG. 30, 2023).

The article also states that Latukolan has done projects with other big names such as Rosalía, Ed Sheeran, and Stormzy.

This album has made me feel so many things happy, hopeful, and just straight-up energetic whenever I get to listen to Jungle’s music. Seeing artists who continue to put out such original content and continue to amaze/surprise their fans. Musicians like that will always have a special place in my heart. But also getting to see the diversity of the album and seeing how the band is open to working with everyone of all backgrounds is the icing on the cake for me. It’s hard to say what tracks are my favorite because they all make me feel very optimistic and empowered but tracks “Back on 74”, “Us Against the World” and “Candle Flame” are ones I have played on repeat quite a few times. Also, feel free to check out their past album “Loving in Stereo.” And their other album with only two tracks on it called “Good Times /Problemz”(Problemz also being in the album “Volcano” as well). The music video for “Good Times /Problemz” is insane and the choreography is just *mwah* Chef’s Kiss.

Still from Jungle's "Back on 74" music video

For me especially listening to this album it was impossible not to feel some sort of light-hearted positivity. But also seeing how this band brings back a lot of black soul into their music and performance. Overall gave me a lot of “Soul Train” vibes through the way the music and choreography worked so well together. Take a listen and when you do I promise it will make you want to, in the words of James Brown “Get on Up!” ……I know that’s corny but you get the idea.

Extra info/Site (just in case you want to read more about Shay Latukolan):

Vargas , S. (2023, August 30). What makes a dance infectious? Ask the choreographer behind 2023’s hottest moves. Los Angeles Times.

Sounds Like:

  1. Odesza

  2. Gorillaz (at least a little bit to me)

  3. Estelle

Recommended Tracks:

  1. ​Back on 74

  2. Us Against the World

  3. I’ve Been In Love (Ft. Channel Tres)

Reviewer’s Name: Josie Elizabeth Shivers

Date of Review: 10/15/2023

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