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ivri... I'm Begging You To Release An Album: "no way out" Review

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Break the cycle now, before there's no way out

Artist: ivri

Genre: #lofi #indie

Sub-Genres: #softrock #indiepop

Label: ivsounds

Self-proclaimed "lofi fairy," ivri has dropped her latest single of 2022 and I'm obsessed. If you are interested in lofi music with r&b/rock influences, may I introduce you to the world of ivri. ivri has recently become a new favorite and a staple of my Spotify "On Repeat." This song was my first introduction to the singer, and "no way out" perfectly captures a feeling of monotony that a lot of us may be feeling. We don't want to find ourselves trapped in depressing routines, yet sometimes we are. "no way out" perfectly encapsulates the anger of disappointment: in yourself and in the ones you love. I personally found the song to be a welcome shift from the gentler lofi songs of her discography. The guitar (and later drums) in the single work well with ivri's dainty voice and the pain of the song's message. This song sounds contemporary with but is reminiscent of 90s soft rock. This song in particular gives me a "2022 Mazzy Star" vibe. With the release of her EP this May, I hope this single represents the possibility of an album in the works.

If you are not interested in lofi music, but are into cool art, all of her cover art is visually stunning, so maybe check ivri out anyhow. The cover art for this song is beyond precious and the song is hopefully your new obsession, too.

Sounds Like:

  1. beabadoobee

  2. Piri

  3. Mazzy Star

  4. Fiona Apple


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Reviewer's Name: Sophia Troetel

Date of Review: 11/18/2022

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