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It's the Year of the Rabbit

Sorry not sorry, to my Spotify mutuals who had to see me play this on repeat since its release. Definitely one of my top contenders for release of the year, without a doubt.

EP: Just a Little Bit

Artist: White Rabbit

Release Date: November 17, 2023


White Rabbit is a band from Milton, Ontario Canada with under 1.5k monthly listeners on Spotify. Are you serious? This much talent and they haven’t blown up yet. Crazy!! Their entire discography is amazing, and who can you genuinely say that about?

“Don’t Mean Harm” is my new obsession. It starts with this low progression of soft vocals backed by gentle drumming and distorted guitar. I love it when there are these soft vocals supported by that good ‘ol fuzzy shoegaze guitar with drums, and then you get slapped with aggressive drumming and them practically yelling the lyrics at you. That is like the best way I could describe it.

“Stardust” at first did not mesh well with me as it seemed to stick out too much compared to the other songs on this EP, but as I continued to play this EP on repeat for a week, I absolutely LOVE it. Both their vocals complement each other so well. This duet between them is like a gift to my ears, the contrast in the sound of their voices sort of ping pongs inside my head and then comes together and it just works.

“Cold Soup” begins with the typical distorted guitar that comes along with the shoegaze genre. I like how I can still hear the lyrics despite the loud instrumentals since many noise/shoegaze songs tend to become overpowered by the drums and distortion. “Cold Soup” like “Don’t Mean Harm” has that same yelling the lyrics at me, which I wholeheartedly love. There is certainly a pattern in my music taste with these types of songs that suddenly have a twist. Some songs that I can think of that resemble this sort of sound are “a lamb’s lullaby” by Temachii and “This Will All Burn” by Flooding.

I know I just said that I like when I can hear the lyrics in songs, but “Summerskin” is an exception to that. It would fall more into the noise genre for me. The base of this song is a wall of noise, comprised of a whole bunch of distortion. The vocals are not as incomprehensible as Cocteau Twins’ lyrics, but I cannot quite make out the entirety of the lyrics.


  1. Temachii

  2. Flooding

  3. Nightosphere

Recommended Tracks:

  1. Don’t Mean Harm

  2. Stardust

  3. Cold Soup

  4. Summerskin

Reviewer’s Name: K Galich

Date of Review: November 30, 2023

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