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Is There Ever Really A Last Goodbye? - ODEZSA's New Single Review

Single: "The Last Goodbye (feat. Bettye LaVette)”

Artist: ODESZA

Genre: #edm #rpm

Sub-Genres: #house

Label: Foreign Family Collective


It's been five years since ODESZA's last studio album A Moment Apart when they decided to change up their sound with more lyrically focused tunes. It's been two years since ODESZA partnered with Golden Features to create the group BRONSON which released their eponymous project which was also a different style for the duo; this project focused on heavier, deep-house, almost dubstep beats.

ODESZA began teasing their new track in late January and early February with cryptic messages about the song title, "The Last Goodbye". This sent the fanbase into panic mode as there was mounting speculation that the upcoming project would be the duo's last. Luckily soon before the song's release the American producers assured us fans that, no, there never really is a last goodbye. And the release of this single has people more than relieved.

The single takes vocals from Bettye LaVette singing "Let Me Down Easy" in 1965 and reworks the message into a beautiful, building, danceable track. The beginning powerful vocals pull the listener in with orchestral synth to build into the first drop which is reminiscent of older ODESZA tracks while still feeling brand new. The song features a bass line interlude that gives the track a great 'funkiness'. The second drop ties in the lyrical components of the vocals and bass line with the fantastic new beats and the single feels like a perfect balance between the older projects of the duo, their newer album, and their collaboration with Golden Features. This single finds the sweet spot in-between and fans will be eagerly waiting for more music to drop.

Sounds Like:

  1. Bronson

  2. SG Lewis

  3. Big Wild ​

Reviewer’s Name: Kelsey Graves

Date of Review: February 15, 2022

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