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Hippo Campus – Bambi

Album: Bambi

Artist: Hippo Campus

Genre: Alt

Sub-Genres: Indie pop, Indie Rock

Label: Grand Jury

Non-Airable Tracks: 3,4,7


The band that brought us the upbeat song “Suicide Saturday” is back with their second album, Bambi. It is definitely a mix of pop, noise, and rock. The album is named after frontman, Jake Luppen’s aunt, Bambi, who owns a lake house where the group would frequently take writing retreats to. Isn’t that the the cutest name you’ve have ever heard? Lyrically the album builds on the idea of vulnerability, with songs about anxiety, self doubt, and the hardship of keeping relationship afloat. My favorite song off the album is Bubbles. It is easy going like your walking in the park with nothing to do until the bridge where the sounds are so loud that they start to mask each other and it feels like a pile of emotions being dumped. The closing track, Passenger, has a piano progression going through the song and reminds me a bit of a One Republic song? But it’s good i swear! Visually, the album is sunning! The millennial pink, the beautiful outlined font (really who is she, I need to know), the layout of the songs and the painting of the man laying of what looks like exhaustion, goes together so cohesively.

Sounds Like: COIN, Bad Suns, Hunny

Recommended Tracks: 

  1. Bubbles

  2. Why Even Try

Reviewer’s Name: Javi Perez 

Date of Review: 10/10/18

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