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Haken – Vector

Album: Vector

Artist: Haken

Genre: Metal

Sub-Genres: Progressive Metal

Label: InsideOut Records

Non-Airable Tracks: 


Formed in 2007, London-based band Haken is out with their fifth studio album, “Vector”, and it is awesome. Songs vary in time but there is a 13-minute track that is so worth it. Ross Jennings’ vocals are not what one would typically think of when it comes to a metal band. They are soft, strong and clear, yet they work so well with each song they are featured in. The guitarists Richard Henshall and Charlie Griffiths are extremely talented. Almost every song has a fascinating intro that gets you hooked and excited for the rest of the song. They sound like if Queen and My Chemical Romance had a baby and that baby only listened to Periphery. Basically, after listening to the first song “Clear” you will understand the feeling of the entire album. The album finishes strong with “A Cell Divides”. It has amazing vocals along with awesome guitar riffs and interesting break in melody. The album tells the story of a psychiatric patient and their doctor. It may feel like you are stuck in repeat or skipping tracks but in a good way (?). It totally draws you in and keeps you hypnotized for 45 minutes straight. I highly recommend.

Also! They are on tour right now and were just in Phoenix on November 16.

Sounds Like: Periphery

Recommended Tracks: 

  1. 4 Veil -Awesome Intro

  2. 7 A Cell Divides – Vocals and guitar thoooo

Reviewer’s Name: Natty Trujillo

Date of Review: 11/18/18

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