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"For the first time" by Black Country, New Road

Album title: For the first time

Artist: Black Country, New Road

Non-Airable Tracks: Track X

Description: Black Country, New Road are a new, upcoming band from the UK who have received a lot of buzz from articles and music reviewers from singles they have dropped in 2019 into 2020. This is their first album titled "For the first time", released under Ninja Tune on February 5th. Playing rock music under the genres of Post-Rock, Math Rock, and Post-Punk, they take heavy influence from a band within the same genre, Slint, but also spin it with a unique twist. They combine this sound with lush, crescendo-building instrumentation which give each track a very full sound, similar to Godspeed You! Black Emperor. But, Black Country, New Road's music aren't just complete derivatives from their musical predecessors in this genre, as they also feature subtle nods to genres such as jazz and even klezmer, keeping the music interesting and fresh. This is a very solid, phenomenal debut from an up coming group that deserves your attention, I'm very excited for whatever they release next. So if you are looking for new post-rock music that features vocals, look no further and put these guys on your radar!

Sounds Like:

1. Slint

2. black midi

3. Squid

Recommended Tracks:

1. Opus

2. Sunglasses

Reviewer’s Name: Carson Hayes

Date of Review: February 20th, 2021



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