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Flamin Hot Cheetos...the movie

*Spoilers Ahead*

So I started to watch this movie today, and finished it almost 3,5,6 hours ago(I think). The beginning of the movie was super funny. It was mostly spanglish which was hilarious. The movie did a good job of representing Chicano Culture. The most amazing part of the movie was it being set in the 70's. They brought back thin eyebrows, and brown lip liner on the women. Even the guys had the long Mexican mullets lol (if u know u know). Anyways the main characters name was Richard Montanez. He was just trying to find a job to support his family, and eventually got one as a janitor at the Frito's Factory. This movie was good, but I give it a 7/10. The actors did a pretty good job. I'm surprised that Disney helped out with this film. I'm not sure who exactly came out with that idea of a hot cheetos movie...Anyways as mentioned this was hilarious, but it was also depressing. Just to see how the culture was treated back then was heartbreaking. I mean I'm sure everyone has there own stories (believe me), but this was just really sad and worse. Richard has three kids, and he's trying to support his family the right way instead of doing criminal things such as selling drugs on the street. Since this was the only valid way that people were able to make money back then. This line that he mentions he says just really got to me it was "when you are treated like a criminal you eventually become one". I never thought that they would've included this line since many people have different opinions about that. Not many know how or what it takes to get ahead as a chicano in the 70's. I liked how they included that. It just made the movie seem more authentic I would say. Just because I don't think anyone that isn't hispanic could come up with that line. The invention of the hot cheetos came through the idea of Latinos not having anything for themselves. Such as the section at grocery stores only had chips that had no flavor. Which then created the Hispanic Market of having spices that came from there culture. The Hispanic Market was a huge success that now it's worth a billion dollars. I'm glad that they went with him instead because I know that Fritos was coming up with spicy chips...that's what they called it. Unfortunately they couldn't get the ingredients to taste good of course since the ones making it weren't of culture.

Luckily, Richard came up with the idea before he knew they did. He beat them with faster better ingredients that tasted amazing. Anyways after I finished this movie I just got really emotional. The Hot Cheetos movie is a type of movement for the Hispanic Market. I would recommend this movie to anyone looking for inspiration. It also had a lot of family values, love and support. Also the original design to the first Hot Cheetos was pretty cool. I think they should bring that back! Um, so yeah that's it. I have like three more reviews to do. Oh! Also Richard eventually retired after like 24 years. He was also named the Multi-Cultural Marketing Director of Fritos/Pepsico. YAYY!


Ms. Dior

Production Company: Hulu

Streaming Service: Hulu, Disney +

Release Date: March 11, 2023

Rating: PG-13

Description: 7/10

Reviewer Name: Denise T.

Date of Review: December 7,2023

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