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Emerging local Tucson band, Miramont!

Single: Chock

Artist: Miramont

Genre: #alt #rock

Sub-Genres: #psych

Description: Upon my first listen, this song really grabbed my attention. The song begins with the drums and then enters the guitar, then really strong vocals. Toward the middle, there is a sick guitar riff that evokes psychedelic rock vibes. Their catchy lyrics make this a great listen and extremely relatable. The vocals are very strong and mesh extremely well with the melody. Their music reminds me of old music such as Cream but also offers a really fresh and exciting new sound.

The cover art for this single features each member of the band. I personally love the art style and it sets itself apart from other smaller bands who seemingly struggle with solid cover art. Instead, Miramont has absolutely blown us away with their music and art combined.

This is Miramont' second single, and the first one of 2021. There first song "Loss for Elevation" has become a staple in many of my playlists and I listen to it all the time. Their band has high energy and I believe they have great potential to blow up on social media. Their music is fresh and unique.

Sounds Like:

  1. Cream

  2. Sports

  3. Dr. Dog

Reviewer’s Name: Alyssa Ruiz

Date of Review: 05/05/2021

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