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Cypress Hill - Elephants on Acid

Album: Elephants on Acid

Artist: Cypress Hill

Genre: #HipHop/#Rap

Sub-Genres: #Alternative_HipHop, #Hardcore_HipHop

Label: BMG

Non-Airable Tracks:

2) Band of Gypsies

3) Put ‘Em in the Ground

6) Pass the Knife

8) Oh Na Na

10) Locos

11) Falling Down

16) Reefer Man

18) Crazy

Description: A Hip-Hop group that named themselves after a street in their hometown, “Cypress Hill” has released their first album in eight years. Fair warning: it is quite the trip folks.

The intro into track two, “Band of Gypsies” – starts out sounding like a blend between otherworldly sounds mixed with tribal, middle-eastern, and 90s Hip-Hop vibes. I feel I am in another world listening to track 2 for I cannot properly describe this beat, but I find myself really liking it nevertheless.

Later on in the album, track 6, “Pass The Knife” – flows like a Pink Floyd song and sounds very spacious.  As if it could be heard coming at you from all directions.  I keep picturing a video of a ripple of water in a fountain moving out and then moving in reverse upon the rewind button being pressed. This scene is happening over and over again.  The rapping on this track matches the timing of the beat rather well.

The next track, “LSD (Interval)” – starts out with a beat that sounds similar to the chorus beat of “Clint Eastwood” by the Gorillaz, followed by the sound of elephants blowing their trunks.

Track 8, “Oh Na Na”, could be played next to the song playing in the background during the very first dorm party scene in the movie How High and flawlessly match the later tracks tempo.  Upon a google search one can learn that the track from How High is called “Cisco Kid” and is only featured on the How High: The Soundtrack.

Track 11, “Falling Down”, is a really hard-hitting track beat-wise.  The delivery on the rapping is rather quick and staccato-feeling.

The next track, “Elephant Acid (Interlude)” sounds meditative from start to finish. It makes me want to close my eyes at the start only to open them at the finish.

Overall, this album reminded me of what I loved about Cypress Hill growing up in the 90s, their chill beats combined with a very playful delivery style on every single one of their raps. It also showed me the extent to which Cypress Hill can experiment when it comes to their first production in eight years. This album is nothing far from the epic trip that only these homies from straight out of South Gate, California could bring you on. An epic trip after they took an eight year break from making the music that us suburban youths grew to love. B-Real, DJ-Muggs, Sen Dog, and Bobo, thanks for taking me on a musical voyage unlike any other. If you’re looking for something to just get weird with or to totally take you out of your element, then this is your album.

Sounds Like: starts out sounding like a blend between: otherworldly, tribal, middle-eastern, and 90s Hip-Hop, a Pink Floyd song, “Clint Eastwood” by Gorillaz, “Cisco Kid” from How High: The Soundtrack, a rather quick and staccato-feeling beat, and a meditative sound from start to finish.

Recommended Tracks: 

1. Tusko Intro (1:49)

2. Band of Gypsies (3:50)

6. Pass the Knife (3:37)

7. LSD – Interval (0:37)

8. Oh Na Na (2:57)

11. Falling Down (2:20)

12. Elephant Acid – Interlude (0:57)

Reviewer’s Name: Jon S. Rice

Date of Review: 10/31/18

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