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"Electrically Possessed [Switched on Vol. 4]" - Stereolab

Album: "Electrically Possessed [Switched on Vol. 4]"

Artist: Stereolab

Genre: #alt #indie

Label: Duophonic Records and Warp Records

Description: Stereolab has continued to be a highly experimental band. Their music is unlike any of band I have heard before. It is almost enchanting to hear all of the intricate and complex melodies they come up with. Something interested I learned when researching their band is learning that many of the lyrics are actually in French and many also promote Marxist ideologies which made their music all the more appealing to me.

It is really difficult to put any single label on the sound of Stereolab on this album... or any album as a matter of fact. Stereolab emerged onto the music scene in the 90's and have continued to baffle and intimidate their audience with their complex arrangements.

If you are feeling funky and need some music to keep you interested and on your toes and get you fired up politically, Stereolab can do just that for ya! I don't think any other band can possibly come nearly as close to that niche of a feeling. I would highly recommend this album for anyone who wants to experiment with unique music, it'll throw you for a wild ride.

Sounds Like:

  1. Sweet Trip

  2. my bloody valentine

  3. Pavement

Recommended Tracks:

  1. ​Pandora's Box of Worms

  2. Money Jelly

  3. Free Witch and No Bra Queen

Reviewer’s Name: Alyssa Ruiz

Date of Review: 05/05/2021

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