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Dorio's Robot Friends - Commentary on Our Relationships with Technology

Album: Dorio’s Robot Friends

Artist: Dorio

Label: Dorio

Non-Airable Tracks: none

Dorio's Robot Friends is the latest release from Austin-based Chad Doriocourt's "Dorio" project. The four-track release debuted March 3, 2021 and follows Dorio's first album Yesterday the Sky Was Blue.

The first song on the album, Robot Friends, opens with a funky electro-pop beat. Layered with the guitar and beat are electric instrumental woodwind sounds that create a very top-heavy, colorful, and upbeat arrangement that somewhat contrasts with the lyrics. Dorio said this song “conveys the euphoric highs and lows of digital spaces” and that is very evident in the lyrics.

Technology now swiftly changes and many people want the newest available, referenced in “afraid I’ll get left behind”. Technology is also costly and that cost is usually compounded by necessary software and accessories to access digital spaces, also referenced in the line “They’ll take all your money, throw it out the window”. Digital spaces are excellent ways to meet new people, but Dorio recognizes that technology and digital spaces aren’t permanent by saying “I’ve got my robot friends, until the end comes near”.

The transition into The End Was Near emphasizes the technological commentary. The second track is an instrumental interlude on the album that brings back some themes and lyrics from Robot Friends. Towards the end, the music becomes distorted and down pitched, almost like a turn table playing too slowly. Combined with the idea of some sort of end to technology referenced in Robot Friends, this track represents that end.

However, the next song “AI’s Theme (A Gleam of Hope) acts as a glimpse into a new world. Another instrumental track, the third song includes piano, wind and bird sounds, and distant whistling, bookended by more ethereal effects. Together, the arrangement is reminiscent of a sunny, early morning, almost like a soundtrack in a movie that seems to say “the end is nothing to be afraid of”.

Me + You also brings back snippets from the opening track, but also down-pitched and distorted similar to in The End Was Near. Midway through the song, it transitions to electronic, robot-like noises.

Although very different stylistically than Dorio’s previous album Yesterday the Sky Was Blue, Dorio’s Robot Friends is a unique combination of electronic music and pop styles. Because of the very experimental and artistic aspects, this album isn’t necessarily the best for everyday listening, but still is beautifully composed for the observations and perspectives Dorio wanted to convey. All in all, Dorio’s Robot Friends is an excellent example of using music as an art form to create commentary on views of technology.

You can buy this album and Dorio's other releases at .

Sounds Like:

1. daphne tunes

2. Why Bonnie

3. brother sports

Recommended Tracks:

1. ​Robot Friends

2. AI’s Theme (A Gleam of Hope)

3. Me + You

Reviewer’s Name: Haley Williams

Date of Review: March 22, 2021

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