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Damon Albarn's Royal Morning - Review

Album: Royal Morning Blue

Artist: Damon Albarn

Sub-Genres: #Electronic

Label: Transgressive Records Ltd

Non-Airable Tracks: N/A

We find ourselves yet again with another Damon Albarn single. Unfortunately, this is just a single, not actually an album. But rest assured, there is a new album on the way, titled 'The Nearer the Fountain, More Pure the Stream Flows'. And what can I say, the single 'Royal Morning Blue' is fantastic. What always amazes me about Albarn's work is how he never stays pinned to one identity. While listening to the track, I don't hear the lead singer of Blur, or 2-D singing. I heard Damon Albarn, and because I hear him it sounds like a fantastic new experience.

I've been a long-time fan of Gorillaz, and this song does echo their earlier work. Melancholic lyrics and singing paired with electronic beep-boops with rock-solid drumming and bassmanship is what you can expect from this track. And yet it's an entirely new sound, and Albarn is constantly outdoing himself and finding new paths to take. I particularly love the bursts of saxophone, steadily increasing in volume. Paired with the crisp piano in the background, it reminds me of IDKHOW's Razzmatazz, which fused electronics with pianos and saxophones, creating a wonderful sound. This track is fantastic and I highly recommend it, and I'm very excited to see what will follow with the new album, set to release November 12th.

Sounds Like:

  1. Demon Days - Gorillaz (obviously)

  2. Razzmatazz - IDKHOW

  3. Humanz - Gorillaz

Recommended Tracks:

  1. The only one there

Reviewer: Jason Carrick

Date of Review: October 5, 2021

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