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Dalliance EP by First In Flight

Album: Dalliance EP

Artist: First In Flight

Genre: Alternative

Sub-Genres: #Synthpop, #80s #rock

Label: Self-Released

Non-Airable Tracks: None


Officially formed in 2016, First In Flight produces a lot of fun songs by experimenting with groovy synthesizers, a steady drumbeat, and epic guitar riffs.  The Dalliance EP is their newest release that features four songs–all which are different from one another. Track 4 (Darling I’m Blind) is slightly more “hard-core” than the rest but fits well with the rest of the album while incorporating influence from soul music. Personally, I like the fast pace more-traditional rock song that is Danger (Track 3).

The vocalist has a nice range which allows the band to create songs that seem like they are of totally different genres. All the tracks are mastered skillfully and the lyrics fit the “image” of each track too.

Sounds Like: Walk the Moon, The Wombats

Recommended Tracks: 

  1. 3. Lately: has a more “rock” sound

  2. 2. Danger: fun use of synthesizers

Reviewer’s Name: Hibah Ilyas

Date of Review: 2/18/19

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