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cowboys & aliens – Trio of Awesuhm

Album: cowboys & aliens

Artist: Trio of Awesuhm

Genre: #Alternative

Sub-Genres: #IndiePop, #FolkPop

Label: Monica Uhm

Non-Airable Tracks: NONE


Firstly, I am super impressed by the album just from listening to their first song! “Storyline,” “After the Snow,” and “More and More” are more of the upbeat, country songs; “Love Everybody” is the song everyone needs to listen to right now, it is joyful and I recommend playing it at a family gathering. “Just Hurting” is slow and melodic, it could be played over a nice cup of hot chocolate and a good book (the vocals are amazing here!) “Nevertheless” is one of the hopeful and encouraging songs that will get you through a not so splendid day. “Adios” sounds like something that could be played over an open-mic night and “Mighty Waters” could be played on a drive back home. Overall, the album had pretty upbeat and hopeful compilation of songs that could bring a smile to your face!

Sounds Like: The Concept, One Another

Recommended Tracks: 

  1. Track 1: “Last Night” – listen to on a road trip across the desert, also has really nice vocals!

  2. Track 4: “Begging the Radio” – a good-feeling kind of song, plus it makes you want to dance

Reviewer’s Name: Joann Kohng

Date of Review: 11/25/18


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