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Country Girl, I Love You 😜

Album: DAWN (EP)

Artist: Alaina Stacey

Label: Alaina Stacey

Although I do not generally consider myself a country girl, I think Alaina Stacey may have converted me. Her latest EP, DAWN is a perfect blend of country guitar and instruments with an effortlessly soft voice. Originally, this album came up on my YouTube playlist shuffle, and from the first song I was hooked. I immediately recognized the sound to be similar to Kacey Musgraves, combining country and pop, but Alaina Stacey's EP is definitely more on the country/Americana side of things. I want to focus, however, on some of the songs that I have had on repeat.

Although DAWN is an EP lasting only 23 minutes, each song tells a story. Mainly about being in a relationship, fighting, love, and family. To me, the EP feels pretty cohesive, with the album starting more about being in love, and progressing into fighting, and eventually the fear of losing that person in her life. The song Tomorrow is the largest example of this. She describes a fight that has been on going, but maintains that she will still love this person no matter what; even through the fights. She also has some incredibly real lines on this song, such as "you get mean when you're hungry" (so me) and "got habits from my dad I shouldn't borrow" (also so me). Although the song is a bit more somber, it still remains hopeful. This song also directly follows Lose You (If I Have To) which is describing her fear in losing this person she loves so much. In this song she discusses the anxiety she feels about this relationship ending and the overthinking that comes with being so in love with a person. Tomorrow is representative of her fears, almost losing the person she loves, but also the hope that they will continue to stay together because of the love they share. I think these two songs are very cohesive with each other, with makes the listening experience even better.

The other two songs I have enjoyed most on the EP are What I Had and If Loving You Don't Kill Me, which is the last song on the EP. What I Had definitely feels like the beginning stages of a relationship where everything is idyllic. She describes the romanticization of this person, saying that if she was in a relationship with them, she would not take them for granted, she would fight for the relationship, and she would want to stick it out even through the tough times (shown in Tomorrow). It is very hopeful and shows how much she wants to love this person. If Losing You Don't Kill Me, on the other hand is very similar in theme to Tomorrow and Lose You (If I Have To). It describes her same fears and desires when it comes to love. The main fear being loving someone more than they love you. It was reminiscent of the stage towards the end of a relationship where one person is still so in love, but they can tell the other person is falling out of it. The pain and rejection that person feels, and the heartbreak that will inevitably follows. I think a line that is very painful but so pretty is "And you try but you can't hide what you don't feel". Absolutely gut wrenching-- sobbing, throwing up, stomach ache inducing. These songs were my personal favorites, and that is 4/6 on the EP.

Alaina Stacey's overall sound is so soft and comforting, her voice is so effortless. As previously mentioned, this definitely reminded me of Kacey Musgraves, but it also reminded me a lot of Taylor Swift. Particularly her earlier music, when she was still more in the country genre. The song What I Had sounds incredibly similar to All Too Well, and that is what made my brain draw that connection. I am definitely curious to keep up with Alaina Stacey's music, and I definitely recommend checking out the EP even if you are not a country music fan. The EP might suprise you. If you are a country music enthusiast, and enjoy the previously mentioned artist, I think Alaina Stacey will definitely be for you. You will need to grab your cowboy boots, hat, and guitar.

Sounds Like:

  1. Kacey Musgraves

  2. Taylor Swift

Recommended Tracks:

  1. ​Lose You (If I Have To)

  2. If Loving You Don't Kill Me

  3. Tomorrow

  4. What I Had

Reviewer’s Name: Therese Peralta

Date of Review: 04/21/23

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