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Bowing Down to Our Robotic Overlords - "Raw Data Feel" by Everything Everything

Updated: May 22, 2022

Album: Raw Data Feel

Artist: Everything Everything

Label: AWAL Recordings

Everything Everything aren’t just anything. They really are everything, at least on their newest musical venture Raw Data Feel.

Exhibiting a tight concept about the troubling future of humankind, the record makes the listener feel like they’re on a dance floor at an apocalypse party. Everybody around you knows the dark fate of the human race, but there’s a nostalgic, bittersweet sense in the air - even though everything might be gone in a few moments, we’re living, and that’s all that matters.

Raw Data Feel is that passage of time, a never-ending loop of synth arpeggios and punchy drum machines. The electronic landscape of the record paints a passive melancholy, in which strangers are dancing in a burning nightclub. “Metroland Is Burning” and “Born Under A Meteor” exude this apocalyptic state of mind within a sort-of dooming prophecy for the future.

“My Computer” is a lyrical centerpiece with nonsensical monologues about the future of artificial intelligence. This is all under the guise of a chord progression akin to a 90s internet infomercial. Although it feels intentional, there is something so robotic about this type of nostalgia, released within an age of the fully-integrated world-wide-web. “I Want a Love Like This”, “Bad Friday”, and “Cut UP!” display this feeling perfectly, as catchy lyrics act as the cherry on top of the energetic grooves.

Within the touching sonic landscapes of this record lie bleak undertones of memories long passed. “Jennifer” exists within a plane of mental suffering and reassurance of closure, where lyrics touch on the cruelties of love and the consequences of foul communication in relationships. It is a modern love story told earnestly.

Within the context of the group’s discography, this is certainly their most mature release to date, blending the brutally hopeless nature of their magnum opus Get to Heaven with the experimentation heard on Arc. Six studio albums into their 12-year career, the band is progressing into a direction that is promising as it is expected. Raw Data Feel is the necessary artificial awakening for modern alternative pop music.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2

Color: Orange, White, Red

Sounds Like:

  1. Late of the Pier

  2. Baths

  3. Radiohead

Recommended Tracks:

  1. ​Bad Friday

  2. Software Greatman

  3. I Want a Love Like This

Reviewer’s Name: Trey Cardi

Date of Review: 5/20/2022



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