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Bedroom Is Back and Better (Friends) Than Ever

Single: Better Friends

Artist: Bedroom

Genre: #alternative

Sub-Genres: #indierock, #dreampop

Released: 3/17/23

Label: Amuseio AB

It has been almost two years since Bedroom released their last album, Stray. When I saw this single was out, I was very intrigued. They are releasing their newest album called Thread, on April 28th, so I will be anxiously anticipating it. Typically I tend to only find a few songs from an artist I like, and then never keep up with them. Because of that, I have admittedly never listened to a Bedroom album in full, but after this single I am actually committed to tuning into the whole thing.

The song itself follows the classic Bedroom sound of well, depressing. However, this tune is slightly less sitting on the floor of the shower contemplating every decision you have made, and more contemplating every decision you have ever made while driving down the highway with the windows rolled down. At first, it almost gave me a little bit of a country vibe, probably just because of the guitar in the beginning. It is a very relaxed and chill sound that makes it almost addictive to listen to. I really love the sound of the guitar. Each strum or pluck of the guitar is so crisp and mesmerizing. I enjoy how the song starts off with only guitar, and then the bass comes in, and then drums, and then it goes on until eventually it comes to the last few seconds and it is back to the guitar alone.

As far as lyrics go, these ones are simple but impactful. There are only 4 verses, and there is a lot of instrumentals. My interpretation may be different than the intended one, but I interpret this song as a commentary on loneliness. He is essentially describing that he hates being alone so much, he is willing to make decisions that may potentially be harmful. He does not know if these decisions are making him any happier, but he is doing it with friends, so at the very least he is not alone. He is going out and making regretful or embarrasing decisions just so he does not have to be by him self. He contemplates if he should have "better friends" who do not encourage this behavior. When I first heard the song, I did not fully grasp the meaning of it (I was distracted by the pretty instrumental portions). After a few listens I realized it was kind of sad, but also relatable in a lot of ways. People do a lot of things that do not even make them happy, just to avoid the emptiness that comes with being alone. I do not usually do lyrical analysis, but this song has so few lyrics that I was too intrigued not to.

Overall, Better Friends is giving everything you would want from a Bedroom single. I am really excited for the new album. I hope the album gives the usual Bedroom sound, but maybe something a little different too. Bedroom holds a special place in my heart, as their melancholic alternative rock tunes have stuck with me through some rough times. This new single is definitely setting the expectations for the new album (which I will actually listen to in full this time).

Sounds Like:

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Reviewer’s Name: Therese Peralta

Date of Review: 3/22/23

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