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Arizona Baseball cruises pass Utah Tech to dominating victory 24-4

With an early start time of 2:00pm on a weekday, it was to be noted that the attendance would be pretty light today, Utah Tech (1-3) and Arizona (2-1) squared off in a midday matchup in a one-off matchup.

Utah Tech had just come off a series loss at home to Washington State, while Arizona were able to pull off a series win against the Northeastern Huskies in their previous series.

First pitch took place at 2:02 80 degrees

The game would start with Utah Tech’s Kyle Mcdaniel pulling off a double in the first at bat at the game, before a sacrifice bunt and an Arron Perez single would give Utah Tech the early 1-0 advantage. The Trailblazers would continue their dominant early 1st inning with an Ethan He double sending another two men home to make it 3-0 before a groundout would finally end the top half of the inning as a result. The Wildcats would quickly make an impact with an early Summerhill single, and two walks, along with a Caulfield double would quickly get the Cats two runs. That would be it for the first inning though, as a Groundout would end the first inning

Utah Tech would pick off right where they left off with a single to start off the inning, but three quick outs would follow to end the inning, on the other hand the Cats would also continue the momentum, with two singles to begin the second, and with the help of a sacrifice fly, and a Summerhill double, the Wildcats would tie the game up, with a Mason White Single bringing another runner home to give them the lead, another single would bring the score to 5-3, and a pitching change would ensue from there. The rally would continue though, as 3 more runs were added, and the inning would finally end, with a dominant 6 run inning.

The 3rd inning would be quick, with Utah Tech not being able to generate any offense, The cats however brought a 2 run homer by Mason White to increase the score to 10-3, though nothing of note happened as that’s how the score would be at the end of the inning

The 4th inning would be more beneficial to the Trailblazers though, as an Arizona error would help them get a run back on the scoreboard, unfortunately for them though an Arizona double-play would quickly dash any chances of a rally though, as the score remained 10-4

The 5th Inning would bring Jaedan Swanburg to pitch for the Wildcats and he would start out perfect not giving up a hit to the Trailblazers, and the Wildcat offense would continue to dominate with the hits, in a bit of a deja vu with two straight singles to start off the bottom of the 5th, and another hit would add a run to the board. An odd sequence of events, throws, and errors would fall though and it would keep the Wildcats to that single run, but making the score 11-4

The 6th inning started as Jaedan Swanburg would continue his dominance with another 1-2-3 top of the inning for the Cats to shutdown the Trailblazer Offense, And as the bottom started Emilio Corona would hit a homerun to left field to pile another run on to a already very run heavy game for the Wildcats, along with a triple, and single adding another run, the offense would continue to pound it on, as a sacrifice fly, and a single would add another 2 runs to make the game 15-4

Utah Tech entered the 7th inning desperate to try and rally to make the game, and with two singles it seemed they would do so, however Arizona would go back to shutting the Trail Blazers offense, leaving them scoreless for the third straight inning. This would be the most dominate inning for the Wildcats as a whopping 7 runs would be scored, the score (If you could believe it) 22-4 at the end of the 7th

The rest of the game would be academic as the Cats would tack on 2 more runs and shut down the trailblazers for a dominating final score of 24-4. It was a dominant effort by the Wildcats, and a good way to end off a season opening homestand, the Wildcats will be back in a month on the 15th to take on ASU, and will go on a big road trip to San Diego starting on Friday

2113 Total Attendance

Game Time: 3 hours, 6 minutes

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