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Aktion Park by Headkrack

Album: Aktion Park

Artist: Headkrack

Genre: #Hiphop, #rap

Sub-Genres: none

Label: Ray’s Bodega

Non-Airable Tracks: none

Description: Listening to the album Aktion Park by Headcrack was an interesting experience to say the least. Within his song “All the way lit” he hit both minor and major keys but still kept it fresh throughout. Both his voice, dexterity, and way of words gave me flashbacks of Kanye’s older music from the 2000s. Over all his album had new fresh beats with the occasional heavy autotune but overall left me with good vibes. If you like when the rappers voice bumps with the beat this album is for you.

Sounds Like: the old Kanye 

Recommended Tracks: 

  1. All the way Lit

Reviewer’s Name: Claudia Book

Date of Review: 2/9/19

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