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About You by Albin Lee Meldau

Album: About You

Artist: Albin Lee Meldau

Genre: #Alternative

Sub-Genres: #SoulPop

Label: Astralwerks

Non-Airable Tracks: None


Meldau’s history as a choir singer attributes to his strong vocals and amazing control over his voice. The first track starts by highlighting his vocal abilities as its only accompanied by an acoustic guitar. Then with the second track onwards, Meldau really showcases his ability to match and mix instrumentals to match and enhance his voice.

His songs and style remind me of Sam Smith (with a hint of Ed Sheeran on his more acoustic tracks) and all of the songs in this album are really fun to listen to. They are sad songs but don’t sound sad–instead, they are very uplifting.

Sounds Like: Sam Smith, Portugal, Jessie Ware, Ed Sheeran

Recommended Tracks: 

  1. Track 2-The Weight Is Gone: a song to skip down the street to

  2. Track 3- I Need Your Love: I really like the violins that accompany the track

  3. Track 5- Til The Sun Comes Around: a cute ballad accompanied with a choir

  4. Track 8- Singoalla: Fun instrumentals

Reviewer’s Name: Hibah Ilyas

Date of Review: 11/21/18

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