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Zack Fox Drops a Soulful Surprise

Album: Wood Tip

Artist: Zack Fox

Non-Airable Tracks: They're all explicit

The goofy, Atlanta-born comedian Zack Fox has blown my socks off once again. Although, this time it wasn't with any over-the-top, comedic outbursts. This time, what Mr. Fox has decided to do is show off his musical chops by creating a much more soulful tone with his music. He himself described this EP as a collection of southern boogie songs and it couldn't be stated any better. Each song (of which there are four) delivers an electric and fervent beat accompanied by sweet, simple, and sometimes foolish lyrics. I enjoyed it beginning to end and can't wait for similar projects.

Sounds like:

Thunder Cat



Recommended Tracks:

only thing on my mind

can't fight the devil

Reviewer's Name: Carlos Montes

Date: 12/17/22

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